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What religion should all human inhabitants of Earth practice in order to eradicate wars and achieve world peace?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29005points) November 30th, 2018 from iPhone

And if there is such a religion, why aren’t most of Earth’s human inhabitants joining by the millions every day?

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Never happen,no profit in peace.

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No religion would be a great start. Chaos is the default setting of humanity though.

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The correct religion. :)

A religion won’t bring world peace. There’s no such thing. Humans will always find some way to divide themselves and fight. That’s what we do.

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The cause of war is not failure to choose the one super-peaceful religion.

All religions lead to peace, for people who engage them sufficiently.

Or more accurately, developing a healthy spirituality tends to make every person who does that, feel connected with and loving towards, the world.

It’s just that that’s not an easy or simple path for most people. And most religions do not do a very good job at leading very many people down that path.

The path to world peace involves transforming the resigned and cynical conversations listed above into truer conversations.


“What religion should all human inhabitants of Earth practice in order to eradicate wars and achieve world peace?”
It’s not a matter of choosing a religion.

“Never happen,no profit in peace.”
Profit, especially ever-increasing profit, is an idea that ultimately leads to suffering, violence, and the destruction of our own planet. It’s just an idea. At some point, the destruction of our planet will make it obvious even to the most dense that profit-mindedness is an illusion and a destructive mistake.

”... world peace. There’s no such thing.”
There is such a thing as war, environmental destruction, thermonuclear weapons, etc. But there was not always, and there does not always have to be.

“Humans will always find some way to divide themselves and fight. That’s what we do.”
There are different ways to stand up for oneself. Most involve talk rather than violence. Violence is the worst way, and the last result of a wise adult. If we only accepted wise adult leaders, there might be no wars.

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No religion. Religions are just a way for people to separate themselves from others and provide a source of conflict. All the major religions engage in violence.

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Or that one where god is a Cat.

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All righteous religious beliefs will fail to “eradicate wars and achieve world peace” because instinctive predilections lead to individuals corrupting recognized values by pitting one faith against another rather that following their religion’s central tenet—duality, me and you, mine and yours, us and them is an illusion.

Serving oneself without regard for the needs of others is animal nature, a natural non-conscious impulse necessary for survival. However, being sentient animals we may become conscious of the fact that when another suffers we suffer, and begin our transcendence to a higher nature I would term spiritual.

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My religion.

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Atheism, or no religion.
Just think about all of the world’s problems that exist because of some belief in some “god.” I think mankind would be more willing to work together, as well as be kinder to the planet instead of always passing the buck as if there’s ” No need to worry. God will fix it.”

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Just about every religion would suffice, but only if the adherents followed the original teachings of its founder, and not the interpretations and dictates who later led the religion.

Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Moses.

Bahá‘u’lláh taught the essential worth of all religions, and the unity and equality of all people.

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Karen Armstrong argues that religion per se is not the source of violence but rather it is the violence of the political structures that emerged with civilization. They commit violence in the name of religion, without asking first.

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I thought this would be a boring thread. I was wrong. Lots of GA’s. I wish more theists gave their opinions. That would make it more interesting.

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@MrGrimm Never works well for us. Lost another off the site last week.

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^What’s the saying? The Lord givith, and the Lord taketh away. Something like that.

We’ll get more. Searching for answers in any religious text is useless. Searching for answers on Google might lead you to Fluther.

I would add that leaving Fluther ruins any stance a jelly has ever taken. They couldn’t take the heat, so they left the kitchen…

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@MrGrimm888 I disagree, it’s simply moving on in a situation that continues to deteriorate. Luckily for ya’ll, I’m extremely stubborn…lol

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I have not been a member as long as many here, but I don’t see it “deteriorating.”

Just saying.

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It is definitely deteriorating.
It’s one of those things you hate to see, but you can’t stop watching.

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Only in the eyes of the special snowflakes.

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It seems the same, to me, over the past few years…

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