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Would a public defender ever suggest to not wear false eyelashes to court?

Asked by josie (28690points) 2 months ago

Or would the judge find them so beguiling that they would go easy on the defendant

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Where does it say they’re false? ~

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Gosh. I would hope the public defender would try his best to get her to present herself as a normal human being, and yellow rake heads on her eyes is not that.

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Wow, hope I am not on that jury. My mind is already made up.

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The court already have its own code of decorum when it comes to participants’ appearance during the trial. I believe eye lashes aren’t seen as offensive or provocative by judges. The only times I’ve seen the judge reprimand someone is when they wear sexier cloth that reveal the cleavage.

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I never considered that. Hmmm….

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Well if he is going for an insanity plea then that crazy look with the yellow millipede for eyelashes may work. But also, of course it also makes it easy for the victim to identify her in court. If her defense was going to claim that the victim may have mistaken her for someone else, it won’t convince a jury that the victim wouldn’t remember her yellow millipedes and that she has a twin somewhere out there with the same ridiculous taste. But one look at her and most people would assume she has a screw loose and is probably guilty. But her public defender probably really doesn’t care. I’m sure he looked at her and said, I’m going to lose.

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