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If you could ask any Supreme Court justice a question, who and what would you ask?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10528points) January 27th, 2010

I will have the opportunity tomorrow night to hear Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak at the 92nd Street YMCA in NYC. I’m very interested in her views on the role of women in society, especially after reading her dissent in Carhart v. Gonzales.

Who would you want to ask a question of, and what would you want to ask?

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Yeah, if I ever meet David Souter I would love to ask him, re his swing vote in the Kelo decision of a few years ago:

WTF, dude? WTF?

The question could be asked equally of any of the other four justices who sided with this monstrously bad decision.

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What do they do all day long besides sleeping and watching TV and doing fake justice?

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I would ask Sonia Sotomayor is Antonin Scalia is really a human being.

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I’d like to ask David Souter why he chose to retire when he did.

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“Did you see Judge Judy yesterday?”

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Do you wear anything under that robe?

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I’d ask John Marshall if he would, in hindsight, have done anything differently.

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I’d ask Sandra Day O’Connor what it felt like to be the very first female member of the Supreme Court of the United States and how much impact does having a female voice weigh in on various issues and influencing decisions amongst the other members of the court.

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I’d ask Chief Justice John Roberts how he rationalized the decision to let corporations, even foreign owned ones, spend unlimited funds influencing US elections. I would like to know if he though about the oligarchy implications, and if he honestly thinks an oligarchy is what we need and want, or doesn’t think corporations will try to use the law to maximize profits.

@CyanoticWasp I’d like to hear the answer to your question too.

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@ETpro already took my who and what, lol. I second it.

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