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Do you think this was a successful seduction strategy when she was younger?

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How does this differ from male-on-female rape? Or sexual assault?

Arrest her.

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They did arrest her @elbanditoroso, for sexual abuse and domestic assault.

No, I don’t think that was a successful seduction strategy when she was younger! Maybe other things, but not that. Gross.

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I guess it would depend on what crowd she was running with when she was younger.

Bet she forgot to get a safe word.

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Females never do anything wrong…~

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Hmhmhm… Maybe. It’s possible to arouse some low-life men when you’re being physically harsh with them, you give them a reason to fight back and for them to justify that as not a rape but “you asked for it/deserve it” situation. What I don’t understand is why go such a long length when wearing minimal clothing and regular seductive gesture can get you to be raped.

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