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What does 'you're a full person' mean?

Asked by Akame009 (228points) December 9th, 2018

What does your a full person mean? I was at work and my manager said this to me. And me being a fairly curvy girl I’m kinda weary. There’s part of me like “it’s probably nothing”. But, there’s also that part like “I don’t know…” Do y’all guys know?

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He was hitting on you but using bad grammar at the same time.

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If you must, tell him you don’t understand the question.

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REal bad Gammare

Or speeling

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I’m very weary too.

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“You are a full person?”
“Are you a full person?”
“You’re a full person?” (“You’re replaces “you are.”)
The question is not a real question, if that is what he really said.

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Well she miswrote what he said. He said “You’re a full person.”
So there you have it.

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The ‘question’ doesn’t make sense. @kritiper is right. Explain that you don’t understand the question.

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Or better yet ignore it.

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The question is clear; the details have a grammatical error. However, we don’t know whether he meant your body or your personality. You have to ask him or watch his behavior for clues. We don’t know.

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I think what he is saying is you are “full figured” by which he means you are Rubenesque. Now, whether he meant it in a positive or negative light I am unable to tell without more context.

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It could just mean that you already ate and not hungry anymore. Was it asked after lunch?

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Depends. Did he glance at your body as he made the statement? If he did, then he was referring to your body. If he didn’t and said it after your did something grand, then it was a compliment, referring to your abilities. If he said it after lunch like @Yellowdog suggest then it had to do with having just eaten. If you are the youngest person on the team then he may be referring to your confidence and abilities. Some people do not see young people as being a full person yet. Meaning, lacking confidence and or abilities.

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We were at work and I was cutting vegetables and he walked behind me to get to the sink. He glanced at me then started washing dishes when he said it.

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Ah, then it may be a little sexist or ageist.. Like you can make your own meals and hold down a job. Which, could be surprised because he thinks today’s youth can’t do a lot of things or he’s surprised because he can’t see todays; woman doing anything domestic. I’m leaning towards ageist because he wouldn’t have helped washing the dishes. But in this situation it may have just been something to say without any real in depth meaning and was trying to be amusing. Actually. That is probably what it was.

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Yeah but I’m not sure it has all that much to do with age. I mean I’m 17 and very mature for my age. And he’s 22 and has every flash superhero sock walmart has

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