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Do you have a special phrase that you use all of the time?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 29th, 2011

I have a few phrases that I use over and over. What are yours?

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“Ich wil den Klavierstein!”

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I have said, “There’s no need to answer your cell phone when you’re driving.” to my wife many times.

Also, “When it comes to hotness, babes from Amursk are in a place that’s furst!” ;-p

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@math_nerd Hahahahahahaha, great. I’m actually taking a break today. I am almost finished anyway!

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That’s so raven!
oh my ungod

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@Michael_Huntington Instead of saying “oh my god”, I say “Oh my goose”.

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My favorite that I use is “I/We didn’t know whether to shit or go blind”. I also say “and what not” a lot. Example: “I bought some groceries and what not.”

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I think I say this once a day, at least, while I’m teaching—it’s an ASL sign that’s only one sign, but the translation of the whole concept is “there are plusses and minuses for both sides of both arguments” or “advantages, disadvantages on both sides.” The sign is like taking both of your index fingers and making a cross (that’s the plusses) then taking your right index finger and placing it horizontally on the heel of your outstretched palm (that’s the minuses) then repeating it. It’s a very simple sign but I use it constantly to compare concepts, to argue sides, and to make a point that things aren’t always black and white.

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I have 5 children, and I tell each one they are my favorite, because who ever is closest to me at the time is my favorite. The kids all love it, and they good naturedly compete with each other to be the favorite. It’s also a family way to say “I love you!” The theme is to stay close and call often.

These days they are all telling me that I’m their favorite mom, and that all those other moms don’t mean a thing…!

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@Michael_Huntington Are you fucking serious? You say that? XD

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“Don’t be a sad panda.” or just “Sad panda!”

“Not a single fuck was given that day.”

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I say “dig” to the point of being unawares of saying it. Can you dig it..?

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Oh yeah, I also use “what’s shakin’, dollface?” as a greeting.

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Shoot a monkey.

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Hehehe, some of these are funny. :)

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Fandabbiedozy!!—That’s my orgasm chant, well….it’s nice to commemorate such an occasion isn’t it? :¬)

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@Symbeline I got “that’s so raven” from Zach Galifianakis, haha.

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I have one that really annoys one of my friends. If I have information about something that he thought I’d never know or did something that he doesn’t know how I did he’ll ask how I did it. I’ll look him in the eyes with a half smile and say ” cause I’m just that good”!

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I say ” Good Morning” regardless of the time of day. I always get comments and corrections. But I tell people I have a long list of reasons why I say it. Here are a few.

It saves me time because I never have to pause to think about what time it is. I figure that when the grim reaper shows up to take me away, I’ll have saved up maybe a half a day and he’ll have to hang around tapping his foot waiting for me while I have my feet up on the desk taking a break.

My father used to say it all the time. If you must blame someone, blame him!

It’s a great conversation starter.

When I always say it regardless of the time of day, it reminds me that I have the whole rest of the day to finish what I need to do.

If you say “Good morning” your voice goes up at the end, which is a rather upbeat tone.. But if you say “Good afternoon” or “Good evening” your voice sort of goes down. And I think that’s rather depressing.

In the movie “Love at First Bite”, Dracula used to say “Gooood Evening!”. So I never ever do that. By the way, if you’ve never seen it, it’s simply hysterical. Do yourself a favor and watch it!

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I seem to say ‘What is wrong with people?!’ a lot.

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I haven’t gotten to use this one yet, but yesterday a co worker was talking about her supervisor and said “he’s so stupid he probably wipes his mouth when he shits.” I laughed so hard I thought I was going to bust a gut.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Haha, not a single fuck was given that day, that’s great. Some time ago I used to have this habit of saying ’‘asses are being sucked by this situation’’.

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I like that.

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My father taught me to swear.

“Oh, Crum-Bum Cruminently Orchard Grass!”

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@snowberry Lol that’s cool. It has a nice feel to it. Dad taught me how to swear too; Enfant Jésus Christ mal lavé! XD

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@Symbeline It’s fun to trot that one out at a church picnic. LOL

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Just about anything is fun to trot out on those. Try talking about weed.
Wait, I’ve been to church picnics? Fuckin…

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@Symbeline Naw, I’ll pass. That would just offend everyone instead of be fun for everyone. It’s a drag to hang out with unpleasant people on a picnic.

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I like the traditional “Holy Moly, Batman”. If I’m around a younger crowd or more liberal thinkers “Holy double penetration, Batman”.

An exclamatory “frig” every now and again never hurt anyone either.

I think I use “Sad story” or “tragic tale” as an alliterative substitute for Fiddle’s “sad panda”.

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You gotta be shitin me.
“because bowties are cool.” (I started wearing a bowtie because of Doctor Who(Doctor_Who))
You need to get your head surgicly removed from your ass. (after someone makes a very rude and ignorant remark)

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Someone asks me how I am, or how I’m doing, I answer:
“I’m doing great! But I’ll get better!”

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i say roger that,you’ll have that,and guess what thats what.I know,irritating…

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When someone gives me an over the top complement, I often say, “Thank you! I’ll remind you of that the next time I’m feeling cranky!”

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