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I don't know my career plan, help?

Asked by Fio (7points) December 10th, 2018

I’m 15, and I’m currently freaking out about what I’m going to do with my future. I know I’m young, but the professions I want to pursue are things that I’d need to decide on pretty much now. For example, I’ve been playing violin for about six years, and I genuinely love it, but since I didn’t start earlier and can’t do private lessons (me and my family are poor and nobody will hire me), and I have the cheapest violin out there. Currently, it’s my passion, and I can’t go one day without picking it up, I just don’t feasibly think I can pursue it as a career. There’s also my art, but when drawing I feel amateur, no matter what I do and how much I practice my painting and drawing. Art school may seem great right now but I know my art is probably not going to financially support me forever. I’m terrified of living a domestic life, so much so that the thought revolts and disgusts me. I’ve been told I’d make a good teacher, but again, domesticity. It seems that no matter how much effort I put into everything, I get so little result, and it’s driving me to a point of no return. I keep thinking of myself as a failure, every time I pick up my instrument and every time I pick up a paintbrush or pencil. I just need an opinion from someone who isn’t close friends or family, so what do you all think? (non of that “you’re only 15, don’t worry about it” either, I’m truly sick of hearing it)

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Have you considered teaching the violin or art? That would be a perfect combo of learning and teaching. You also could start your own YouTube channel with videos and make it a temporary career.

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To my mind you’re ahead of the curve. 15 years old and 5 years a violinist! The joys ahead of you are limitless. The cheap fiddle is almost certainly as temporary as your current age, and believe me 15 is too young to be frantic.

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Why do you equate teaching with domesticity? Is it a matter of salary?

If you have a talent for art, more work on it may get you past feeling like an amateur. There is the notion popularized by Malcolm Gladwell that you need to put in 10,000 hours of training to master a profession.

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Both of my sisters make close to six figures playing violin and viola and they started at about age nine or ten also. In addition to the symphony they teach. They sometimes play weddings and other “gigs” They pick and choose work like that all the time and work as much or as little as they want. It’s a fine career plan if you are 100% dedicated because it’s not an easy path to master an instrument to that degree. My sister who is a violist is much more successful because violists are more scarce and in higher demand. She also got a masters in music performance. College does still need to be in your future so prepare for that.

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Try to open your mind more in learning and figuring out about other potential things you might like doing aside from your music.

It’s true it’s a hit or miss for some people. I myself got a Bachelor’s Degree for something I love doing but didn’t earn enough to continue doing it. Long story.

Point is sometimes we don’t really know where our decisions ( both well thought of or not ) would lead us.

I have a friend who is almost 50 and a financially successful nuclear engineer and family man but once in a while he would tell me he hasn’t really discovered what his real passion is. He is grateful for his job but it’s obvious there’s something missing.

Good luck!

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“I don’t know my career plan, help?” Honestly? I can’t say something by now.
Could you please tell me what adjective people use when compliments you?

Another answer of mine would be:

Do this question to you yourself: There is a reason for your brain won’t be able to learn better than a kid or is it just about time?

“I feel amateur, I practice my painting and drawing.”

Maybe are you trying to make it too realistic?
Maybe don’t know enough methods and so it makes confusing knowing what to do while drawing?
Maybe you are trying to do something too simple?
Maybe you are focusing on the wrong parts of the body while painting or drawing?
Are your creativity just not good enough?
Maybe your memory cannot do well the artsy because it doesn’t have enough information for it?

Are you doing the right thing while practicing?

1. Spend time looking at a view before painting it.
2. Having a folder of body poses to use as a reference even when you already are one of the bests artists.
3. Getting advice from real artists (even if it only by internet).

Try to see if you know enough information by now, before accepting you cannot draw or paint.

Are you sure you got enough advice to say you cannot to draw or to paint good enough?

I want you to give a look at those artists;
They are not in the standards of beauty.
But still attracts attention. Can you tell me why?
Can your art be simples as that (I am using as a reference only those I marked)?

Mindaniels (Freelance illustrator)
Old Xian (You could be an author of manhwa)
James McNeill (you would probably be poor and do some art exhibition)
AnandRK arts (you could do usual artsy)
pucapuca23 (simplicity in the body)
Makita-drawing (simplicity in the face)
Naosudou (it is a simple face)

The last Makita’s and Pucapuca’s didn’t have too many details.

I think that you maybe are trying to do something with too many details; when in reality, we should not to try to bring reality to the draw or paint; but to adapt it to the drawing/paint. But how I said, “I can’t say something by now.”.

The most interesting ones are those which the coloring seem hard, but it is just consistency (it doesn’t have a hard-to-do shadow to match with; it is only about where to put it):

Give a look to_where_ the artist put the colors:

If no; I have two questions:

1. Are you doing the right thing while practicing?
2. Are you just unable to picture dimensional objects and put it in the paper?

I was going to talk about the rest and give it my opinion; but… I will wait for you to answer the first question I did.
“Could you please tell me which adjectives people use when compliments you?”, In this way, I could help you.
I would give a few options about what you could to do if you could not do drawing or music; since it was the first question of yours.

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Look, though you became sick hearing you’re only 15, but this is the real matter. As age goes higher, your maturity on thinking will grow. Now you are 15, your thinking is not so mature. When you will become 20, you will become more mature on thinking and you might laugh if you see this on that time.

By the way, I will tell you to do what you love most. As time goes, you can see what should you plan on your life. 15 year old is not a perfect time for that.

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