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Are there any mods around? I contacted one several days ago and received no response. I then used the contact mods option last night. Still no response.

Asked by notsoblond (2490points) 2 months ago

I was hoping for access to my original account since today is my 10 year Flutherversary. The clock is ticking. I’m feeling sentimental. I wanted to grab some info from messages and grab an old avatar, then log out on this date, December 11.

Bueller? Bueller?

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A mistake in spelling and punctuation and they usually jump on me right away , try that.
Hell one jumps on me because they don’t like the way the question is worded that gets me going you can try for perfection on spelling and punctuation,but they way it’s worded?
So just telling you what gets their attention towards me,take it from there.

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Ooh, good idea. Haha. I can ask a Hyderabad question. :)

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Only one of the mods has the ability to fulfill your request (probably the one you originally wrote to). I put your message at the top of the queue when I saw it, but that’s really all I can do.

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I’m not complaining. Just impatient as the clock is ticking. Thank you! :)

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No worries. I noted that the request was time sensitive, but it still depends on the mod in question seeing either your message or mine in time.

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I have an odd fixation with numbers. I do want to grab some info from that account but I also like the idea of having a beginning date and last log in date being the same, separated by 10 years.

This fixation with numbers should serve me well as a medical coder.

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It’s 11:20 pm my time and it’s time to go to bed. I first reached out 72 hours ago. I should have tried a month ago when the thought first hit me. Can someone else help with this responsibility in the future? The mod in question has been active each day and has missed two messages from me. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m patient but several days without a response? C’mon.

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Happy 10 year anniversary Janet!!!

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Some of us have just kept the same account for all these years.

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@janbb Not me. I keep getting pissed off and leaving. I’m being far more careful this time around and staying away from certian people.

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Not me either @janbb. I think I’ve created 3 all together, for the same reasons as @Caravanfan.

Happy 10 year Jonsblonde!

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