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Why can't socialism, and capitalism thrive together in todays society?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (16011points) December 12th, 2018

Why is something like universal health care, or better put affordable health care such a bad thing?
Shouldn’t something such as health care be accessable for everyone regardless of class or wealth?

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I think it can, depending on what type of socialism it is.

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Canada is getting along with the state’s very well.

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Because there is ONLY ONE WAY to do everything!!! Just wait a few minutes & I’m sure a few will tell you why. How are the wealthy to get rid of the poor if they don’t let them die off??? The middle class will become the poor & they will be the ones doing ALL the grunt work. Once they become poor, they will be allowed to die off also. Only problem, I’ve not figured out who wil be doing the grunt work after everybody else is gone. I just don’t see trump willing to clean Zuckerberg’s toilet!!!

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Well it kinda sorta has been in the lower 48. Until health insurance.

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(1) Universal health care isn’t socialism, nor is it socialized medicine. Socialism involves collective ownership of the means of production. Socialized medicine is when the government owns the hospitals and employs the health care workers.

(2) It is not difficult to make a case for universal health care in capitalist economic terms, and any rational supporter of universal health care should be interested in making it regardless of whether or not they are capitalists. Why? Because the people they still need to convince are capitalists, and it’s easier to convince someone on their own terms than to rebuild their worldview from the ground up.

(3) As far as your question title is concerned, socialism and capitalism are incompatible precisely because they are diametrically opposed on the issue of who should own the means of production. This does not mean, however, that you can’t have a society in which some things are more like they would be under a purely socialist system and other things are more like they would be under a purely capitalist system (see mixed economy).

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Why can’t it? Human narrowmindedness.

If the Chinese Communist Party can succesfully operate with a communism/capitalism hybrid maybe the US can with a hybrid of capitalism/socialism.

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Socialism and capitalism already thrive in many countries. If you desire change in your country contact your elected representatives.

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