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Why are Trump's friends turning on him?

Asked by chyna (42913points) December 13th, 2018 from iPhone

I understand why Cohen did. But why is National Enquirer owner David Pecker turning on Trump? Is he in some kind of trouble?

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Maybe some of them are finally realising, that they were never “friends” to begin with.

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Trump has no friends. He has family, sycophants and tools.

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Have to agree. I don’t think trump has real friends. By that I mean friends who would take serious heat for you.

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Political and Presidential fixers (usually lawyers) have been around a long time, and worked double time for people like JFK, Clinton and other Presidents, even the not very controversial ones. This is nothing new or exciting.

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Pecker (ha, ha) turned to avoid prosecution The New York Times says.

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He’s a sinking ship and they are rats.

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@KNOWITALL I think the difference is that those other Presidents actually did have friends. Trump appears to have been a loner ever since his school days. As his biographer, Tim O’Brien, once said “He lacks the emotional and sort of psychological architecture a person needs to build deep relationships with other people.”

Here is a 2017 article from Politico on the subject of Trumps isolation.

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I can’t give you enough good answers for that @rojo. He’s always been an arrogant, entitled bully and arrogant, entitled bullies don’t have friends.

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Looking at the picture of a young toddler Trump in your link really makes me sad for that baby. He looks so vulnerable and insecure…unloved. I’ll bet Baron feels the same way, though I think Melania is probably a good mom.

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Even as a child, he had a face begging to be punched.
With spiked knuckledusters.

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No child deserves that.

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here is why, @chyna.

“The revelation that the parent company of the National Inquirer, American Media Inc., struck a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors over the hush money they dropped at the behest of now-President Trump’s campaign and his former, and soon-to-be incarcerated personal attorney Michael Cohen seems damning.” They had a part in the prostitution cover up deal.

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Trump’s presidency is like a slow motion train wreck. Some of his associates, he has no friends, are jumping off before it is too late.

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Do you think he is being strongly advised to resign?

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Sociopaths do not have friends.

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I fluctuate between thinking he might be a sociopath or he just might be an insecure guy on the brink of Alzheimer’s.

Either way, he’s very dangerous.

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And breath takingly dumb.

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Trump is not a sociopath, he is a narcissist in the beginning stages of dementia. He has never had to worry about money or much of anything and people have been blowing smoke up his ass for 70 years. As a result he is in a state of arrested development of about age 17. Teenagers are equipped to at least recognize things that are problems and may have some great ideas but they are not so good at solutions or follow through. They have yet to learn the value of being humble, or thinking before speaking and are lacking in restraint.

Take an average teenager, teleport them into a declining 70 year old body, give them a lot of money and then the presidency and you have what we see now.

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