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What are some good video cameras that i could use to film skateboarding?

Asked by atr408 (357points) August 22nd, 2008

a resonable price, please dont show me somthing that is $7,000.

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Helmet cam or have someone alongside you on a longboard?

If it is with the longboard, just get a cheap camcorder and put a fish eye lens on it.

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Basically the digital video cams that enable you to hold at low angles-they have a handle on top and alllow operation with the LCD open or closed. Of course budget is always the main issue but you should also consider how you plan to post the video. If you plan on doing tons of footage, you may want to look at nonlinear (tapeless) options.

Depending in budget you could look into entry-level HD with either a JVC GYZ-7 (not sure exact model#), but it has a hard drive and can take external cards. If you have a bit more budget look into Canon or Panasonic (AG-DVX-100B) has a really filmic look to the image as it captures in 24p mode.

Check out a reputable dealer like full compass, EVS online, B&H online, etc. Make sure you plan on storage media, batteries, and a good pro case (Porta Brace is an industry-recognized pro company, as is Pelican hard cases). Feel free to PM me if you have any ?s.

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Get a FlipVideo Camera. They are lightweight, inexpensive, rugged, and easy to use.
Good Luck!

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Flip is great for static videography (stills), but is not high def and has fixed memory (1 hour max), so you can’t swap out fora new card/tape, and they’re very poor in low light and high motion. Basically YouTube quality-a good axiom for video is junk in=junk out.

But I bought a Flip and gave to my five year-old as a first cam-perfect for him and if he drops it I won’t lose sleep.

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get a used canon gl1

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what about a canon vixia hv30?

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The Canon Vixia HF10 llooks promising: 16GB onboard solid state storage, plus SD card slot; 1080i plus optical image stabilization (AVCHD) for just over $1K. Also has Large LCD with on screen controls and regular on-camera (standard) controls. Otherwise the AVCHD Panasonic AVG-HMC150 is said to be the “top end” prosumer HD camera-basically a P2 cam shrunken down into a DVX100 body.

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