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Help me with DIY lighting ideas for a party?

Asked by JLeslie (65333points) December 30th, 2018 from iPhone

I went to a party recently that had changing color lights under the skirt of white table clothes and the room was dimly lit and it looked really cool. The table clothes were to the floor, so the light fixture was hidden. The tables were small round bar height.

I’m thinking of doing some cool lighting for my party but need ideas from jellies who know more. Here are the parameters:

I’ll have multiple “table height” 6 foot rectangular tables. There are no electrical outlets on the floor, and I don’t feel comfortable running cables to the wall.

The room will not be very dark, but I should be able to dim it for a nice glow if I use accessory lighting.

I will be using those cheap plastic table clothes. I haven’t chosen a color yet, I’m open. Originally, I wanted to buy table clothes that just come to your lap, but I guess I can get floor length if necessary for effect. It’s just more convenient to sit at a table that doesn’t have floor length.

Also, I’m thinking about lit center pieces of some sort.

What are your thoughts and recommendations? Links appreciated. I’d love if I can actually buy items from a store rather than the internet, but I’m willing to buy online especially if I can return it to a store.

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LED lights have long lasting batteries, more than enough for the duration of a party. They do the coolest things any more.

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^^Where can I buy them? Do you mean just string of lights from Home Depot? Or, will a party store have them?Walmart?

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If you have the time, I’d go with Amazon. Maybe something like this

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I didn’t do it this year, but last year and the year before my Christmas decoraton was basically an antiqy hurricane lantern stuffed with golden LED fairy lights sitting on the table that had other decorations on it.

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Man, you can do a thousand things with LED lights. What is the theme of the party so I can have an idea of a lighted centerpiece. Here are some starter ideas. My daughter had old fashoned coach lanterns that she stuffed with led lights and hung around the venue, which was an old, stone barn. She got the lanterns at some hobby store. I started looking for my own at garage sales and stuff after that.

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Have the lights along the base of the wall shining upward from behind couches, tables, chairs, etc.. Some color changing lights under tables wouldn’t hurt. Dim other ceiling lights.

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I’d also go with floor length table clothes. It’s more mysterious.

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It’s indoors. The room doesn’t have any furniture in it, I’m having 6 foot tables and chairs dropped in.

The room is about 40X70 feet. There will be a dance floor. No DJ, I’m just using my own music.

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No particular theme?

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It’s my birthday. Other than that, no theme.

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Well will those light suggestions work for ya?

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Possibly the color changing ones. I had something else in mind, but those might work. I was thinking more like it looks like a more solid color.

Sort of like this, but it isn’t these tables.

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You can get solid colors too. Or set the color changing ones to to not change. You can confine them in any shape or form you want, or drape and hang them.
The big thing is you don’t need outlets or cords.

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