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What do you think about themed parties and restaurants?

Asked by JLeslie (65195points) 2 months ago

Theming can be everything from the decorations to requesting people to dress in a certain theme. It could be as simple as everyone dress in a certain color to everyone dress in medieval costume (I worked with a woman who did that for wedding).

It’s on my mind because my niece is getting married and her “rehearsal dinner” is a white party, and this weekend I am going to Storybook Dining at Disney World, which is basically Snow White and some of the seven dwarfs and the evil queen. The restaurants feels like you are in the woods. I ordered an apple pendant necklace and earrings for $20, but you can wear anything at Disney, you can go to the fancier restaurants in shorts and a t-shirt. We’ll see if the jewelry has any substance, I am afraid they will be too chintzy and small.

If you have any stories about some creative themed parties and restaurants feel free to share.

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I don’t have any opinions on themed events, I think in the right context they could be fun, but I have never been to one or been invited to one.

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On the night of the finale of MASH, everyone showed up at The Ground Round dressed as medical and army personnel. It was a lot of fun. I’m sure there were similar parties all over the US that night. Those were the days. You wouldn’t see that happening now.

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They can be fun. Our neighbors just threw a white party at a restaurant for one of the mother’s birthdays. We had a ball. I also remember my parents used to be part of a group that had international dinners. Whichever couple was hosting had to prepare a traditional dinner from the country of the month. It included dress and decorations as well as food. They had a lot of fun with that.

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To each there own. It is adding an element of uniqueness.

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This wasn’t at a restaurant, but during Kate and William’s wedding, my aunt, cousin and friends dressed as though they were attending. Complete with tiaras. They had tea and biscuits. They had a blast!
I would bet that this also went on at some restaurants during that time.

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Just bought the wife two party hats circa 19…20s? For a themed party for ladies. Got her perfume. Shoes. I am not sure if I like these themed parties.

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I am all in favour of Femboy Hooters.

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I think they can be fun in small doses. I liked the Rainforest Café for one or two visits. I went to the King Richards’s Ren Fair a couple years in a row, in college. The novelty wears off quickly though.

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I enjoy them in small doses. Most recently the goofy Barbie movie/parties were a bit much for me, but many of my friends enjoyed them.

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I’m past cutsie.

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I’m not into “it” ! !

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