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What is the easiest way to land a job in another city?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) January 8th, 2019

My wife and I currently live in Chicago and are interested in acquiring a jobs in either Boston or Denver. I am a mechanical design engineer and currently a contractor. How do I land a job in a place in which I do not live?

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Start networking with like-minded people through professional organizations. Look at Indeed website for the cities you’re interested in and Linked-in social media site.

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Apply to them, and be prepared to go to those cities for in-person job interviews. When I was looking at jobs from a different city I was able to go through phone interviews for most agencies, then came to Boston for a week and had all of my in-person interviews over the course of that week. The harder part was finding housing (especially in Boston).

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Define “easiest”. It might be sitting tight until you secure a job in the target city. It might be making the leap so you can tell potential employers “I can start today”.

I am inclined towards the latter. If you want to move, make that your goal. Move as soon as possible, job in hand or not. Start applying for jobs now, but that isn’t a substitute for moving.

Sorry to lose you. I’m a Chicagoan. I love Boston & Denver, but I will always be a Chicago partisan.

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My husband put his resume on Indeed and applied online for jobs he found on other sites. The company my husband was most interested in was a 4 hour drive north in Wisconsin. We were living in rural west central Illinois. His first interview was over the phone. They paid for his hotel stay for his second interview. He got the job and they paid for us to live in a hotel suite for 30 days to give us time to find housing.

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How I moved from Edmonton to Jasper was to have family agree to put me up when or if I got a job. I called through a land line and got the job. I was laid off after a week and got stuck in Jasper for 20 years. Till I got help moving to Red Deer.

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Move to that city after careful scrutiny.
Perhaps go by yourself then if you land a job and secure in it then move the family as well. You are competing with people who already live there, so go there yourself even if just for a few weeks .

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Start sending out your resume online, I think this is the easiest way.
Some companies may be fine with phone or video interviews, if you can’t be there in person. Or, if you can make the time, actually go to the different cities, stay at an extended stay hotel for a few months and see what kind of jobs are available.

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