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What do I do to get an employee?

Asked by mmre (1points) October 7th, 2008

I need an assistant and I have VERY specific criteria in mind. Do you have any suggestions besides posting on monster and craigslist?

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if you live in milwaukee hire me.

Seriously though, not sure on this.

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Sure. Neither would be my first choice, because they are likely to generate too many candidates and non-local candidates.

You can contact local universities and community colleges, because they have placement centers, and you can post there. You can contact the job arm of the state that helps place employees. You can advertise in the local paper or, if money is an issue, in local weeklies or shoppers.

One great thing to do is go out to your email list and put out the word that you are looking to fill the position (with a brief job description).

Good luck.

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BTW, welcome to the collective, mmre.

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Marina you are amazing. I can’t get enough!

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This vaguely reminds me of the movie “Secretary”.

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mmK, you’re gonna need an unmarked van, a burlap sack, and duct tape…

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@Marina: This is unrelated to the original post, but since you mentioned “non-local candidates” as an undesirable group, I am truly interested in your opinion about this because I do not understand this prejudice and it seems quite unfair.

Before my boyfriend and I moved to NC back in June, he had been spending the last 3 months in Philadelphia contacting employers in NC and sending out his very-qualified resume to tons of companies. He did not hear back from a single worthwhile employer. His cover letter clearly stated that he would be moving to the area in June! He ended up having to move here without a job lined up. Once he was here and able to provide a NC address and available for immediate interviews, the percentage of responses improved drastically. He finally found a job with a company he liked by August, but it was quite stressful for him, moving here without a job secured and being completely unemployed for the month of July.

Throughout that experience, there were many people who advised us that his resume was probably getting placed on the bottom of the pile because of his Philadelphia address. Additionally, I now see commercials for websites that cater directly to job searches in our area in NC, advertising with lines like, “YOU’LL STOP GETTING ALL THOSE OUT-OF-STATE RESUMES!”

I just find this perspective extremely frustrating. Especially if a person is already planning on moving to a specific area, why should there be bias against him/her?

Please explain this to me. Thanks.

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@girlofscience Just as a heads up…. I moved from Nevada to Tennessee and had zero luck of finding a place to even look at before hand. They want to SEE you before they even bother with you.

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