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What was your favorite childhood game?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 22nd, 2008

I was a big fan of four square, Simon says, hide and seek, and kickball. What ever some of your favorites?

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Tetris, Twister, or Galaga.

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Hide and seek, sharks and minnows in the deep end of the pool, pick-up softball.

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capture the flag… it seemed so endless, so dangerous, so sneaky. Thrilling

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Marco Polo!

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Dodge Ball!!!!!!!

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I love Capture the Flag….

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@bri L Dodgeball, mmhmm

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Jarts!! They rocked!

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I love Jarts…too bad they are illegal now.

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Oh, they still make them, but now they have weighted bean bag type things instead of big metal points on the ends!

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You can still make them yourself!

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And then you can make them better. Even more deadly! Yeah!!!

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b b gun fight

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Red Rover and Crack the Whip. I used to have this really cool board game called Go For Broke where the object was to spend as much money as possible as quickly as possible. It was almost as if they created that game with me in mind. I still use the rule book as my financial bible.

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Post Office!

August 22, 2008, 11:21 PM EDT

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Freedom (click on Freedom to open the explanation in the frame). Also known as Jailbreak.

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Kick the can.

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Spin the Bottle

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The Incredible Machine

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High jump.. It improves my agility..

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Operation, Old Maid… I loved this hand held game called a Merlin. Anyone remember Merlin?

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Halo 4 on the PS7 (oh wait, I’m not born yet!)

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Pin the tail on the golden calf – Moses

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capture the flag i have always loved

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Dodgeball and Dark Room were my favorites.

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Treasure hunts were a weekly ritual….from the time I was three.
I also used to collect snakes and scare the crap out of my sisters!

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Supermouse, you must be a member of my generation. I remember Go For Broke. Recess games were Red Rover, Crack the Whip, Statues, Easter Eggs, and the Tisket/Tasket game. In Utah they sing a different song but the game is the same. They sing something that goes “My Grandma has a dog and it won’t bite you, etc.” Funny!

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