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Can the iPhone's NES/GBA emulator save states?

Asked by TheOnly1WithKFC (69points) August 22nd, 2008

it’s pretty annoying playing games for 15+ minutes then finding out you have to do it all over again _;;..

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No. You’ll have to suffer with hundreds of free games that you can play from a single, highly portable device instead.

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But those games are more for the “casual” gamer… i’m just trying to be able to play stuff like final fantasy :(

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Um, my iphone lets me continue from where I left off as long as I don’t turn the phone completely off. When you leave the game does a little NES controller appear next to the battery indicator?

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Yes it does. I’m pretty sure that kills the battery though…

It’s really wierd how they haven’t been able to make save states work correctly…

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