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Iphone users... has anyone heard of a port of Nethack, or a roguelike game?

Asked by Riparian (13points) October 10th, 2008

I want to get a dungeon crawl app for my iphone.

My qualifications are that it must run on a stock iphone (I’m not ready to ‘prisonbreak’ my device yet it’s only a week old!)

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I think I saw one in the App store under RPG. It was an old port of some D&D dungeon crawl. I don’t know how well it works or what, but it had a 4 star rating, meaning that ether 1 person voted 4 stars on it, or 40 people voted 3 stars on it, and in my option and exp, any app that has three or more stars is usually worth it if it is free, however if you have to pay, in my option, it should 4 or 5 stars.

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Can’t you grab an ssh client and connect to something that can actually run it?

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@skord I should have added another qualification… I’m new to smartphones… what is ssh?

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ssh is secure shell, think telnet. You would use it to open a console session to another computer, which, hopefully could run the actual nethack game.

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