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What's the most work you've done for a single Fluther answer?

Asked by Harp (19174points) August 23rd, 2008

To what lengths of research or thought have you been willing to go? links to those answers would be great Did you feel it was time well spent?

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I really don’t spend too much time on answers. If I know an answer, or have an opinion, I will share it and sometimes find a link to support my answer. But as far as research, umm, no. Won’t do it. I think the time I do spend is worth it.

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I’ve done a google search, linked to an earlier question, linked to other websites, but the most work I’ve done is just lugging my 10 pound dictionary over to my desk in order to look up a definition or spelling.

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Due to age and experience, I have a lot of junk info stored. I answer the questions where I feel comfortable about my facts or memory. I provide links for the querent and don’t turn the questions into theses or research projects.

I keep several dictionaries on hand, though.

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@mirza: You are one dedicated Flutherite!

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@shrubbery: I bow to your greatness!

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That was one of the answers I was thinking of when I asked this Q

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haha shucks * blush *. I do feel it was time well spent. Helped me get my head around it too and I ended up having to write an essay along the same lines for school so hey I’d already done my preparation :P

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