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If you’re President of the USA determined to fix one of its biggest problems, who are the people you’re going to get advice from?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) January 28th, 2019 from iPhone

If you can cite specific names the better. Pretend you’re really the President. Creating the right policy is your goal.

Let’s forget for a while the Herculean task of turning policy into law —— and focus on how should an American President do his job by trying to fix what truly ails the country.

How would you start your day if you are determined to do something about immigration for example. Or healthcare.

Pick one or do them all.

Fluther has jellies smart enough to do things right.

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I would get on the line to all former living presidents and everyone else around that could provide me with reasonable, sound, doable solutions. Brainstorm, like what you are doing with this question. :D.

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Jimmy Carter. Obama, Bush jr.., the Clintons .

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Clinton for sure.

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Current Prez has a direct line on his private non-secured phone to Putin.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s how it works. Seems to me actual presidents end up hearing from people who explain to them that the real powers that be require them to do/say and not do/say certain things, and if they somehow became President without fully realizing how necessary it was to heed such guidance, they get just enough taste of how they really have no option but to obey such directives.

In the fantasy universe where I’m President and my job is actually to fix things (it’s actually supposed to be Congress’ job, if I’m not mistaken – the POTUS is just supposed to be the Executive branch head), and I’m actually not being overpowered by the powers that be, I’d be researching who the best and most pro-bono experts seem to be, and inviting them to think tanks.

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I’d approach it like a project manager. Forget most of the old presidents but even though I’m conservative I’d like to hear from Obama as he tried to do things in a similar manner and I’d want to know where it went wrong. I would staff my advisors with the best problem solvers and subject matter experts I can find regardless of their politics. It would be about objectivity and practicality. I would not tackle everything or even claim to try to, I would go for a couple key issues but really one will get my focus and that would be sustainable, independent and reliable energy. That would be my moonshot and it would be all in and balls to the wall. Healthcare would get the next focus if I don’t get assassinated for knocking off the status quo.

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Living former prime ministers

They are Americas best friends and neighbours
Joe Clark
Age: 79

John Turner
Age: 89

Brian Mulroney
Age: 79

Kim Campbell
Age: 71

Jean Chrétien
Age: 85

Paul Martin
Age: 80

Stephen Harper
Age: 59

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Paul Krugman – Economist
Tom Friedman – Foreign Relations
Morris Dees – Southern Poverty Law Center
ACLU Immigrants Rights Head
James Hansen on Climate Change

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Deepmind’s AlphaGov, once they make it.

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