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Do we need another border wall - this time north of San Francisco? Or are these anchor babies acceptable?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) January 31st, 2019

Apparently in the absence of park rangers last week, several families of elephant seals moved in, in their equivalent of a caravan.

Anchor babies in the best sense of the word. 35 pups have already been born and two more seals are pregnant.


Do we need a border wall on the west coast as well?

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California has some of the best fencing along the border. Not sure but I think the entire California//Mexico border is well barricaded. Ironically, California is a sanctuary state and extremely welcoming of migrants.

Thanks for the story on the elephant seals—saw a blurb on the news already.

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Too Late ! ! !

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Oh great. Now those seals get free cell phones and medicare.

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It’s rather obvious that these vicious animals violate our borders and plunder our tourist beaches solely to have their children born in the United States. We need to erect a wall and fortifications modeled after the German defensive positions in Normandy, and compel the seals to finance the project.

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Elephant Seals Go Home!

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They’re acceptable…they won’t be taking our jobs & they won’t be voting!!!

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So they have @LadyMarissa ‘s seal of approval !

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Arg Arg Arg Arg!

Well, considering they come from the ocean, what good is a border wall going to do? And, in my experience, those elephant seals are some of the hardest working seals you’ve ever seen, except for maybe Navy Seals.

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But can they pick fruit?

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It’s a frightening thought that anything that crawls out of the ocean can make its way into the USA by simply crossing a narrow strip of sand. These elephant seals are almost certainly illegal and will cause mayhem if they get into downtown San Francisco. A twenty foot wall along the entire length of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean high water marks will stop this madness and keep America safe.

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And the next thing you know, actual elephants will be crawling out of the oceans and taking our jobs.

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I might be wrong, but I think there’s a member whose user name implies that they actually support these country-crunching caravans! ;-o

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Ah. As in he is a fan?

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I think so, in that he provides a warming breeze so they won’t freeze.

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They’re here to steal American jobs (and fish). They’re freeloaders plain & simple, fattening up on MY tax dollars. They’re ill mannered raucous moochers suckling at the public tit in their Federally subsidized now gated beachfront communities, universally regarded as some of the most valuable and coveted real estate in the country. Must REAL AMERICANS endure the tedium and drudgery required to scrape by only to tolerate the spectacle of an entire race of individuals notorious for sloth and self indulgence lounging on their exclusive private beaches pampered and guarded from righteous resentment by our so called government?

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