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What is a good website (or video) where I can learn more about acupressure?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10132points) February 6th, 2019

Not acupuncture, acupressure.
This question was prompted by a reply to a recent question about plantar fasciitis. I would like to learn more about acupressure.

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When I’m looking for instructional information, I usually start with Youtube. Only problem is that you need to be careful on YT because many are just trying to sell you their services. Still, you can usually see enough of a demonstration to get you started. I sometimes watch 15–20 videos on my desired topic because each has their own opinion on the best way to do things. Then I take that knowledge & determine the best way that I feel will work for me!!! I have done simple repairs to my car from watching YT videos on the problem & saved myself considerable amounts of money by doing so!!!

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When searching for a site, also use the Japanese term: shiatsu (pronounced shee-ah-tsu). It’s commonly used for acupressure and may yield some results.

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Yes, I suppose I could Google “acupressure”, but I was afraid I would get lost in the avalanche of links that would turn up. I was hoping that some jelly who was knowledgeable about acupressure could point me to some sites or videos which were reliable. Thanks!

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Well, since acupressure is just placebo pseudoscience start wherever you want. One site will be as good as another.

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