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Does anyone know about an itching/burning/or painful/irritating tingling of the skin?

Asked by WolfFang (880points) March 2nd, 2010

I have had this off and on in small instances for about a year. Latley it HAS NOT been going away, (i’ve been having this itching/burning every 2 days or more) and It feels like an itch but more irritating and Painful. It is in different parts in areas big and small all over my body and not always in the same spot, and not always the same size area of irritation. I feel like it may be caused by heat or breathing conditions or when I’m nervous. Is it deeper(Nerve related)? Is it like an Immunal response? Is it Shingles? Parasites?? Diet?? Please help me

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Just go to the doctor.

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Sounds like poison Ivy, but probably isn’t.

Definitely go to the doctor. S/he will probably give you an anti-inflammatory.

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Many things can create such symptoms. Only a medical doctor can properly diagnose the problem and prescribe the correct treatment.

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Google chronic pruritus
then neuralgia.

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Where on your body is this happening?

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According to George R. Murphy, M.D., a dermatology professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

“If you get a rash that’s not related to a specific condition such as poison ivy, eczema or athlete’s foot, some R and R may be the best Rx for curing it. Most doctors agree that stress and anxiety can cause or aggravate rashes. When you’re under stress, your body releases chemicals that force white blood cells to clog blood vessel walls beneath the skin. That reaction causes redness and irritation on the skin surface.

Dr. Murphy says a regular stress management program—even something as simple as discussing your problems or feelings with a friend or family member can potentially help remedy some forms of skin redness and blotching. And those kinds of stress reducers could even help prevent rashes such as hives and rosacea.

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Could simply be a allergy to something you have eaten or new product (i.e. detergent).

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…or a reaction to a medication.

Take others’ advice and consult a doctor.

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@davidbetterman and @Dr_Lawrence :I already went to my Doctor about a 3 weeks ago and he laughed at me and told me that it was “ridiculous” it could be caused by heat when I know it happens almost everytime i feel overheated/sweating in the sun or wherever. He told me to switch soaps and Take Benadryl because it might be allergic -(perhaps it is hyper active white blood cells attacking my nerves but i will try to go in for testing if I don’t get laughed away first)

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@kay004200 it happens all over my skin in various spots like on my back/shoulder blades, thighs, ankles, wrists, chests, hairline, gluts, and forearms. It occurs like an tinglin itch or similar to the sensation one feels when one’s leg falls asleep except Burning and PAINFUL

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@WolfFang maybe you could get a different MO with a better bed snide manner. At the least, he isn’t qualified to make a dermatology call like that and should write you a referral. What a schmuck.

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@WolfFang Your doctor has a bad attitude. Find a better doctor!

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I would definitely find another doctor. It is a good idea to get it diagnosed.
It sounds abit like a fungus that happens in areas where you sweat. Is there a different color there than your normal skin and if you scratch it does it look white? It burns and itches really badly whenever you are warm.
I put Head and Shoulders or Denorex on it overnight. It burns but gets rid of it for a couple of weeks. The sun will burn it off, but sweating seems to make it come back. I think because of not scrubbing when bathing. Use a luffa or “scratchy ” net thing to clean your body in the shower because the dead skin cells that layer make a greenhouse effect for fungus to grow.

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