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What does the term demonstrably real mean? See detail.

Asked by flo (11436points) 4 days ago

If someone conned me, (let’s say I believed it is gold when it’s fake), it’s demonstrably real that I was conned, and that the fake thing is demonstrably real according to me. If no one else was conned that’s demonstrably real too, right?

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Demonstably means it can be demonstrated.

So you can show me some fake gold and tell me about it, but to demonstrate you were conned, I’d need some more evidence. After all, I have some fool’s gold, but is was sold to me as such. I wasn’t conned. I can sort of demonstrate I wasn’t conned because there’s a label on it saying what it is, but I whether I was conned or not is likely impossible to demonstrate conclusively because being conned is about the communication and understanding, so there’s rarely a lot of evidence unless there was a recording of the conversations.

It’s even harder to prove the absence of something, so for your second question – it’s almost impossible demonstrate no one else was conned unless you specify what context (certain people, during a certain time period) and then provide some evidence that it didn’t happen (like you have evidence they were locked in a cell or didn’t have physical access to the other potential victims, or something).

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When you see water on the stove heated and there are bubbles coming off the water.
It is demonstrably real that the water is boiling.

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If “the fake thing” is demonstrably real according to you, then it is assumed that you are claiming the ability to either prove it through demonstration, or point to such a proof.

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@Zaku What about the key word “if” in my OP?

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@stanleybmanly That Many people believed is demonstrably real. Polio is/was real, and the vaccination against it is also real. To say x and y are demonstrably real to answer the question how they (x and y) are similar is saying nothing.

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It’s saying that x and y are genuine and I can demonstrate their existence. To drive home the point, consider the imaginary rapture claims of that quack Camp.

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@stanleybmanly What if your child’s teacher showed you that?

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Showed me what?

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