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Who wants to play TJBM #86?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (16172points) 2 weeks ago

The game rules are:
Respond to the question/statement from the poster above.
Ex: I might make the statement:
“The Jelly below me is a cheese addict.”
The response might be:
“False! Cheese killed my family!”
“True! I live on cheese.”
Then they might state:
“The Jelly below me likes sleeping.”
There are no right or wrong answers, so be as creative as your heart desires.
Happily, this is becoming the Never Ending TJBM Game. Tradition now suggests that a Jelly re-start the question when we reach about 500 responses. Hopefully almost all the Jellies will join in.

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Maybe !!

Thanx Mimi

TJBM likes to go to Memphis BBQ.

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I probably would, if I could interest my wife in going to the one in Venice.

TJBM would like to list some of the entries on their bucket list.

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Sure. Spain, Canadian Rockies, Hawaii, own a house with a guest house (I don’t think I’ll ever get that last one).

TJBM recently made a big change in their life.

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Yes. My doctor took me of 5he antidepressant which is for treating conditions not at all related to my problem, and started me on an Anticonvulsant which has helped a lot.
I am still in really rough shape, but my symptoms are dialed back. It is allowing me to return to my writing.
TJBM will join me in thanking Mimi for digging through dustpiles to get this going again.

A toast, to Mimi!

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Actually it was Dutchess who complained about it first. Then I started the new game :)
TJBM will come to play!

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TJBY has arrived.

Speaking of coming to a play: TJBM is not a Bardolater.

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I’m not. I do appreciate some Shakespeare now and then, but I don’t idolize him.

TJBM is giving something up for lent.

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Someone please send this to my other account. It doesn’t want to recognize my other name from this one so I can’t send it to myself.

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Thank you @Tropical_Willie!

Not giving up any thing for lent.

TJBM is giving up something for Spring Break.

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Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have a good spring break experience right now!
TJBM has a close association with someone who does great favors for them.

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Well. Yes. I tell him every day that I did a great favor for him by giving him life, so he does great favors for me. Then I do a great favor for him. And it’s kind of never ending.

TJBM likes to return great favors.

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I sure do, and I return them in kind. That’s why I gave birth to my mother!

TJBM knows who Alex Trebek is.

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I do, and just two minutes ago my husband told me he has state 4 pancreatic cancer. Very sad to hear. A death sentence.

TJBM had snow fall within the last few days where they live.

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Close- the last time we had snowfall in this part of the San Fernando valley, was about 57 years ago. ;-0

I was really surprised when I heard about all the health issues the poor man has faced.
He previously had 2 mild heart attacks, and sustained a severe head injury when he fell down last year.

TJBM knows or knows of someone, that had or has the same specific dream that they do.

I saw a Jeopardy contestant whose wedding gift to his wife, was a trek around the Annapurna massif in the Himalayas. I took the same trek in 1977, and it fulfilled one of my lifetime dreams.

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I wonder if I had the same dream as anyone here :)
TJBM will tell us about their dream.

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My dream is for you to tell me about your dream. ;-p

TJBM will tell us their dream.

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I used to have a reoccurring dream about walking waist-deep in the ocean while it was raining.

There were candles floating in the water and whenever the rain would hit one of the flames, there was this soft hiss and I would get this really unsettling feeling.

I stopped having this dream. I don’t miss having them. But I do find it curious that I had them for so many years and then it just stopped.

TJBM wants to write a haiku about Fluther.

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Not right now, but I would love to read some written by others.
like many people, I have had dreams about flying. As a small child though, I had once taken a serious fall from a tree. In my dreams I started flying by falling the same but arching my back caused me to waft gently to the ground. Over years, more than a decade, my flying got more and more skilled.
TJBM has wafted in a dream.

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I have never wafted in a dream. Not that I can remember. I rarely remember dreaming at night, and when I do it’s slmost always a bad dream or nightmare, so maybe I have wafted or flown and don’t remember. That type of dream I think means you feel confident in life, maybe even represents some happiness and control.

@raum Not to sound like Freud, but bodies of water usually represent sex. How you feel aout it experience it.

TJBM Likes to dance.

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No. But I do have dreams about dancing.
TJBM has strange dreams.

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Extremely! The creepiest was during my first attempt at writing a book. It was thirty years ago, and scared me so badly I nearly quit writing forever.
I was so motivated, but inexperienced and struggling. I kept a dictionary within arm’s length at all times. I would get home from work and write until I fell asleep pen still writing but without direction.
Just a guess, but I think I got my creative juices wedged into overdrive, making my dreams crazy, and very real. My REM brain was trying to fool my rational self.
It started with dreams like a gang on motorcycles crashing their bikes right through the wall of the house, holding me captive, and torturing me. After a couple of nights waking up drenched in sweat, I reminded myself of how to defeat the dream by saying during it, this is a dream. I did that, and woke up. Of course first thing, I had to go to the bathroom. While I was on the toilet, I heard the loud roar of several motorcycles in the neighborhood, then I heard them pull into the driveway. Someone knocked on the bathroom door, and a man said, hey, girlie, we have something to finish. I woke up so freaked out I almost threw up.
It kept getting worse. I would wake up, realize I was still dreaming, wake up again, four times, five. I would get ready for work, get there, be doing my job, and suddenly the walls would start bleeding. I never knew for sure if I was dreaming or awake.
I tore up my work and burned it. It took me quite a while to get over the sheer torture of my own convincing imagination.
When I again decided to write, I was so nervous. I set some rules for myself. It was a slow start back.

TJBM has a dream they would like to share, nice or not.

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I used to dream of being sent back to kindergarten. I messed up something at my workplace and everyone decided that I was unfit for teaching and I had to be retrained. So I was sent to kindergarten. I had to learn the alphabet, eat, play games, sleep with the kids as if my brain stopped developing. While I was dreaming, it was utterly horrifying. But when I woke up, it seemed more like a comedy than a horrifying scenario.
TJBM has an experience so bizarre it’s as if they were dreaming.

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