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How to flatten a rug?

Asked by sferik (6121points) August 23rd, 2008

A couple months ago, I ordered a sisal rug for my kitchen area. It was shipped to me, wrapped around a cylindrical tube. I’ve had the rug unfurled on the floor for a while and it still has ridges and valleys from being rolled up during shipping.

I was kind of hoping gravity would flatten it out over time, but I’m growing impatient. I’ve tried putting heavy objects on it. I’ve tried rolling it inside out. Anyone know how to flatten a fiber rug?

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I have used warm water and weight (e.g phone books sitting on wax paper on the bump) on wool rugs which has worked.

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Apparently, your rug needs more time. From signature rugs:

“The rug may curl on the edges until it has a chance to relax and flatten completely within approximately 30 days. Weight such as furniture on the curled edges will help to flatten the rug. DO NOT REVERSE ROLL THE EDGES! Never re-roll the rug with the carpet side out.”

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You might try a steamer (for steaming out clothing wrinkles), or your steam iron on “steam”, heat just high enough to create steam. Or lay a damp towel over the wrinkled areas and iron over the towel so the steam goes down into the sisal.

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Muhammad Ali flattened Joe Frazier, once.

Perhaps the same technique would work on a rug?

August 24, 2008, 2:46 AM EDT

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Put it upside down for a week then flip it and you will be all good.

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I end up putting it under my mattress. It’s still under there. I’ll let you know how it turns out in a week.

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good idea

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