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Your thoughts on this area rug?

Asked by Jude (32190points) September 2nd, 2011

The colors in my room are neutral walls, brown leather sofa, orange Danish chair, tons of black and white photos (drawings), and this framed print (Madonna).

I only need a 4×6 rug. Click on the rug to get a closer look.


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It seems to pick up all of the colors that you mentioned.

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I like it; I think the colours would work well in your room. There isn’t a 4×6 size listed on the site, though – would you then go with the 3’11” x 5’7”? You can’t really beat the price for such a pretty rug.

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@Seelix My brain is fried this morning. What I meant to say was that I need a 5×7.

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@Jude – Even so, $110 is pretty good, methinks.

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Yep, I think so, as well. :)

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It really ties the room together.

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It’ll work with what you’ve got, but I personally think it will have a pretty plain vanilla look to it. I like a little more color and pop to a room. But if you just want a neutral look it would work.

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I’m with @Adirondackwannabe I was thinking a slightly more modern rug may work. Only not too busy. Just one with a few bold colors.
The rug is really pretty, I just don’t think it will be able to compete and be noticed. If that is your intent for it to blend, than, it will work.
Maybe something that can mix with the feeling of the picture’s flow. When I look at the picture I kind of get the same feeling of this “carpet”;.
There was another one that I felt went better with the chair but I’m getting hungry. You should get the idea.
You know on second thought. In such a small place, a brighter rug may seem like too much.
Your selection is best.

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I hear what you’re saying. Although, I have a seen the rug in person and it’s even more beautiful/vibrant than you see online. I will have accent pillows with a pop of color.

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I really like that rug. I think it would go well with what you describe.

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@Jude You’re right. The larger version has a lot more pop. Life sized would look great. Scrap my previous answer.

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Very pretty, I think it is perfect for your room. I also think that I want to move in.

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Yay :) I know that you know how to decorate, girl.

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@Jude truthfully, this is almost exactly the rug I imagined before clicking the link. I’ve seen photos of this room before, and I think this is the perfect rug.

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Yep, it is nice, but I too like some ‘pop’ to a room, with bold colors.

It is elegant but rather drab IMO.

My living room is primarily black and brown but I have a large persian area rug in deep maroon with a creme sculpted border that has subtle hints of blue, green, lavender and yellow. I also have a large, 5×5 abstract painting with varying shades of teals, browns and golds.

The effect is really nice and I especially love the way the colors show up at night with the lighting.

Remeber to view the rug in both natural light and artificial.

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@ANef – so you can decorate and you’re bringing the best movies to the cabin? I’m totally taking notes from you :)

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ALmost totally off topic, but is the Victrola in the picture near the chair working? It’s beautiful.

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Yep, it’s works. :)

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It’s a pretty rug but the pattern/size of design on it is a bit soft for the boldness of your furniture.

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You all have great taste, is there any (online) that you’d recommend?

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Beware of a chair with wheels on a rug like the one in the picture. You won’t want to be rolling the chair back and forth on the rug. If the rug is nearby, that will be perfect.

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Brief video – shot of the living room, my off key singing and a dying plant on the kitchen floor. This video was for tinyfaery.

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