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If you had the energy of youth along with the wisdom of age, how do you think your life would (or will) be different?

Asked by jca2 (16320points) March 9th, 2019

I went yesterday to the bedside of a friend’s daughter, 23 years old who fell and hit her head and was now in a coma, waiting for an organ recipient so they could remove her heart and of course, her life would then end.

I’m in my early 50’s and pondering life, youth, death, and all that stuff. Much of the advice I find myself giving my daughter are things my mom told me when I was young.

Fortunately for me, my life so far has been pretty good. It might have been better, still, if I took a different path, or I may not have been so lucky.

I have been thinking if we could have the energy and vigor of youth along with the wisdom of age, it would be the ultimate.

If you had the energy and vigor of youth along with the wisdom that (for most, hopefully) comes with age, how would your life be different? Might you have chosen a different path?

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I would make a different set of choices at important junctures in my life. I don’t think I would ever have left New England, for one thing. And I wouldn’t have got involved with that one guy, for another. (If I hadn’t got involved with him, maybe I wouldn’t have been so eager to leave.) I would have gone for my Ph.D. while I was already on the academic track, and then I’d have had a different career.

For so many things, this is true: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

(This is why they say “Youth is wasted on the young.”)

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There is no such thing as the “wisdom of age”:

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I am retired now. Occasionally I reflect on things I should have done differently,.
Usually, like things I shouldn’t have put up with or women I should have been better to, but each of these choices would have changed my life now.
Sure, that ex-boss should have been shot, but where would I be now?

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Oh but I have both, 52yrs old with the energy & mind of a fun packed 10yr old.

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I would be more active and do the adventurous things in life, meaning outdoors a lot more and travelling to photograph and learn new languages etc

Presently I am dieting to get ready for the Summer months of more outdoor activities like hiking, photography,and travelling by car to other areas close by.

Actually the question you posted implies that it is only available to the youth?

In an age where people are living well beyond 100 years old and those that are still practicing a more healthy lifestyle the possibilities or gaining more in life is possible.

Who says that as we age we cannot get better?

Of course we can!

Just get more active at any age and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that is not just reserved for the young.

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I would have worked harder in school. I would have tried more classes in college also. I regret not trying packaging engineering. I was interested in it at the time, but didn’t want to take an extra class, or get on a track that sounded like it would be more work. I realize now, if I had enjoyed it the work would not have been work. I might have even double majored.

I would have been more persistent in trying to find a job in Marketing (I have my degree in Marketing). I easily got jobs in retail, where most of my career was spent when I was young. It was physically exhausting.

I wish I had taken the advice from my parents more seriously about trying to find a government job with a pension. I could have had a pension with Bloomingdales also if I had stuck it out. Both of these would have been difficult considering my husband’s career had us moving from state to state, maybe impossible.

I would have spent less time in the sun getting tan so I could get more sun now. Maybe I would be healthier and feel better.

More than anything I wish I had had less fear. Less fear about making decisions, and less fear about so many things. I would have bought the bigger apartment on South Beach and made a lot of money. I would have held onto my Tennessee house longer and not list so much money. I would have caused less strife in my marriage. I would have gone on the ski trip in high jr. high. I would have done a lot of things that were right there for me to take that I didn’t.

I don’t know how different my life would be.

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I probably would have gone to a vegetarian culinary school. I would have avoided a number of people like the plague.

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I grew up on a farm, and my parents were old school. I thought I was going to grow up and marry, have kids, make lots of sandwiches for the hands.
I honestly did not know the amazing directions I could have gone.
I would definitely have made myself computer savvy.

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I would be an unemployed engineer instead of being an unemployed philosophy drop out.

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I would have stayed in college and married a man majoring in theology instead of that lying, fake and mean ex of mine and would have had about four kids. He and I would have raised them to be fine citizens who wouldn’t touch a drug. They would have provided us with a lot of grandchildren and we would have had a big, two story house so they could all come and visit. We would all pray before dinner and , when the kids grew older, we’d all gather in the kitchen and make lovely dinners. This is ridiculous. lol. But I have a very sweet #2 now .

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