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Is there someone here at Fluther who is a professor of Physics?

Asked by luigirovatti (966points) 1 week ago

I have to show him/her/them something. Maybe I’ll tell each of them in a private message. There’s even a link.

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There was a guy here, maybe 3–4 years ago, with the Fluther name of AlbertEinstein. I haven’t seen him a whole, and I doubt it was the real one.

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I think the Dutch guy Fyrius who was here long ago was a physics PhD candidate but he’s not around any more. His avatar was a dog in a suit.

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Lucky is an engineer and I’m sure that even though he may not be a professor, he knows his stuff.

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Probably not, what’s the question?

If it’s outside, will I need to bring the field equations?

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