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What's that website where you can look up past shows on American TV?

Asked by Jeruba (51920points) March 21st, 2019

I’ve seen a website where you can find a listing of just about everything that was ever on (network?) television in the U.S.: old TV series with their start and end dates and all the episodes, and specials such as Hallmark Hall of Fame going way back, with dates and synopses and principal actors and so on.

I’ve looked things up there before, but I lost my bookmark and can’t find the site now. Do you know what I’m talking about?

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Most of what you’re asking about can be found at

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Thanks, but it’s not IMDb, which I do use frequently for other purposes. This site is devoted to TV and includes organization by decade, so you can, for example, browse sitcoms of the 1950s and see a list of all of them.

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That would be an extremely useful site. Please let us know if you recover it.

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In the middle of the night, I suddenly remembered its name. It was TV Tomes.

Apparently it’s gone and has been for some time, absorbed by another TV-related site with a far less useful format and interface. It wasn’t clear whether all the data was still there and just hard to access or if it was actually gone. The information was in the nature of a comprehensive (even encyclopedic) reference and not, as I recall, anything that could have been considered proprietary. I wonder why it wasn’t considered worth preserving.

I found some laments posted years ago by its disappointed fans, but nothing that seemed to take its place, and no explanation. So—I guess we’re not going to find it.

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You can access the archived pages of the site in web archive.

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Thanks very much, @shwetaT.

This is something, but it’s not what it was. It’s not browsable in the old way, and the first thing I looked for wasn’t there any more.

Good to know it still exists, though, in some form.

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