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What awards and prizes have you won over the years?

Asked by joeschmo (1396points) March 22nd, 2019

Go ahead and show off… you deserve it.

Where are they displayed?

I recently found a box full of running, marathon and the kind, medals just next to the trash in my neighborhood. It was not a mistake. The person threw it away, not wanting to actually throw it IN the bin, I assume.

Would you ever spring clean your medals away? Would you Marie Kondo your trophies out?

Thank you.

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I once won 3rd place at our state’s business English exams.

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I won first place in a the high jump in 6th grade.
I won various ribbons in horsemanship events, but only if there were 3 entries or less.

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Do you guys see the details’ questions?

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They are not displayed. I have no idea where they are.

My mom was awarded several 600 series patches in bowling. When Rick and I joined a bowling league she gave them all to me. No pressure there, Mom! They are in my bowling bag.

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It is probably written on the diploma. If not, someone, somewhere, has some newspaper clippings of it. Maybe. Probably not.

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OH, this is a good one. I won 4th National Prize for a Most Beautiful Child contest in Philadelphia . Mom got $20 and a 3’ X 3’ poster of my photo which I still have. This was in 1956. lol Not much to brag about here! No trophies to shine until sparkling.

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I won 1st place in a washer pitching contest at my school once. Other than that a few hundred dollars at the casino is about all I’ve ever won. Not much of a trophy for that one, but it did help fund a single mom’s nursing school education.

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The Butlers Association of Great Britain voted me as employee of the decade & any suggestion of bribery will be contested in her majesty’s crown court.
I especially enjoyed the trophy awarded to me, a bronze custodian saluting on command…how very apt & really rather touching when you think about it.

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I won bronze medal in world skills cooking competition Australia. 2 entrees 2 mains 2 desserts to be presented to a panel of judges made up of industry experts. That was fun!

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