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Dyson vacuum owners please calm my fears...

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) November 30th, 2008

I have recently purchased a Dyson Animal DC 14.
I have vacuumed my rugs for a few days-thoroughly. Each day it looks like it sucks up a gerbil (based on the amount of stuff in the cannister).

Were my rugs really that dirty? If so, I would think that it would eventually reach a point where there wasn’t so much stuff in the cannister.


Is this thing destroying my area rug a fiber at a time?

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It’s really picking up that much hair, dust, and dirt. We’ve used the Dyson Animal for two years and love it.

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Sorry – your rugs really were that dirty. :-)

That’s why we have tile.

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@Pup & Darwin ugh

@Pup Does the volume eventually decrease w/ daily vacuuming? I hope?

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snoopy, the guy that cleans my wool carpet said he wishes everyone had a Dyson as they clean carpets so well without destroying the fibers. Your initial shock will dissipate as your carpets stay cleaner. That cannister full crap is scary though!! Don’t worry, we aren’t judging you by your dirty carpets :P

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@bythebay (blushing, embarassed). Sigh.

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I am.
judging, that is.

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How ‘bout we test drive a Dyson at your house?

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@snoopy: I don’t have a Dyson, but when we got the new vacuum and used it for the first time, there was enough crap to make a whole new carpet. Carpets have the remarkable ability to retain at least ten times their mass in dust…

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Snoopy!! Maybe your gerbils escaped from the frizzer where you were hiding them and you really did vacuum them up??

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Yep. I was appauled too. Carpets are dirty things. Thank goodness for dyson!

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Mine too. I did a test with my old vac and then ran the Dyson right over where I ran the other one. Several gerbals here too. But after a while, it stops.

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I wondered if I should get a spinning wheel and knit sweaters for the cats with what mine was sucking up. The interesting thing is, if you go over the same area a second time, you don’t get much. I love my dyson.

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@BTB: frizzered gerbils?!?? No.

although I did freeze an aquarium fish in a baggie once after its untimely death to take it to the pet store for a refund….hmmmmm…

@All Whew. Sounds like there is hope for a clean home….and some newly knitted sweaters!

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Snoopy, would you come to sweep my carpets? I’d like to know how the Dyson compares to my whole house vac. I swear I sucked up my cat when I empty the cannister!

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OK…now don’t laugh. But I actually look forward to vacuuming. How weird is that?! I actually wouldn’t mind doing an in home demo, Daisy!

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I would SO buy a Dyson if I had rugs.

As it stands, I have had hardwood floors for 12 years now.

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@cprevite I have one large (8’ x 10’) area rug in the LR and a couple of small rugs in the BRs. Other than that…all hardwood and tile.

I am starting to become a believer in the Dyson phenomenon. LOL.

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…Snoopy, you too will join the Dyson Fan Club! We brush our pets in the house, crumble our cookies and purposely bring mud in on our shoes. It’s all part of the thrill; you might not be ready for it yet…

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@BTB I am actually giddy at the thought of all of the possibilities!

kids in the sandbox? no fear!
muddy dog in the yard? ha!
cuffed bluejeans and leaf raking? who cares!


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You go girl!

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Empowerment is a beautiful thing, LOL!

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We would make a great commercial.

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Dyson…The official vacuum of Flutherites everywhere.

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except I use a Kenmore canister…and love it. The other day, it vacuumed up a sock. Without missing a beat. Go Kenmore!

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I’m sold.

Would a Dyson be a good Christmas gift?

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This is exactly why I have hardwood floors and only hardwood floors. (bathrooms don’t count)

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Tile in the bathroom, hardwood everywhere else.

We’ve tried area rugs, but once they get dirty, I toss them.

All I need is my Swiffer Wet Jet (every day) and my Bissel Floor Steamer (once a month).

Does Dyson make a smaller vacuum I could use for crumb and dust pick up?

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@shandling YES

@delirium you must either live where it is warm or you have lotsa heavy wool socks :)

@cprevite looks like it….see link

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getting one for my dauhgter for Christmas!

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Oooh…now I want one.

I like the hand-held. I could use it on my stairs and couches.

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@Judi You are such a good mum!

@cprevite bwah-ha-ha! You are trapped now in the dyson lair. Just like me….bwah ha ha….

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My Dyson broke five months ago, and I still haven’t gotten it back. Ugh :’(

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@stevenb: Oh no. What happened?

(think of all the cookie crumbs I could suck up)

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The part that turns the suction from the floor to the attatchments snapped. It is a tiny little piece. I don’t know why it has been so long. They have had it longer than I had it!

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@stevenb Just curious. You sent it to Dyson?

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First it went to an authorized repair shop for two months, then, because they could not get the parts, it was sent right to Dyson. It’s been over five months now all together. I miss it! The shop gave me another loaner in a different brand, saying it would be just as good if not better than the Dyson. It bites!!!

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If only it sucked.

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I just got through using mine. It sucked.

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^^^ you two are funny!

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@stevenb: The problem is that, as everyone knows, nature abhors a vacuum and so does her best to eliminate every one she can find. Your Dyson was just next on the list.

I have a rebuilt Electrolux (because I have no carpet whatsoever) and it sucks wonderfully.

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@maybe. You will not be sorry. I am inventing things to vacuum. I just vacuumed my bathroom walls. I am not kidding.

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@snoopy I always vacuum my walls. I thought I was strange.

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LOL what a relief. There are two of us! :)

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@snoopy and chyna – We have popcorn ceilings and cat hair sticks to it, so I vacuum my ceilings.

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Everyone here is so Pro-Dyson, but Consimer Reports rates it lower than I expected based on your ravings.

Any thoughts?

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@hearkat Well….I would have to read the article to see what they didn’t like…..?

I had a Hoover wind tunnel. This is such a significant improvement, I am extremely pleased.

Another mitigating factor in my purchase was that I purchased it from Costco. We are loyal customers of Costco, in part because they have a liberal return policy. If this vacuum breaks or begins to under perform, even months done the road, they will take it back for a full refund. Even w/out all of the original packaging and no receipt. We have done this only a couple of times w/ products.

Due to this return policy, I feel that Costco actually has a vetting policy in place for the products they place on their shelves.

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Not so fast. Kenmore Canister fan here. It is very suckaliciously powerful, comes with muchas attachments, and I even like the color.

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I, too, have a Kenmore Canister that I use for the cars, etc., but if I vacuum my floors with the Kenmore and then go over it with my Dyson…it’s amazing what is still left on the floor for the Dyson to pick up. So while the Kenmore is suckaliciously powerful; I have to say the Dyson is even more suckamendous!

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You’ve really done that? Why? Vacuuming the house once does me.

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Yes, I’ve actually done that. Two reasons; once to justify the expense of the Dyson and reinforce my belief in it’s power, and the other time was for back up. We had some wood work done in the house and I used the cannister to clean up the sawdust and then hit the carpet again with the Dyson for good measure. I know, anal could be my middle name, just grateful it isn’t.

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@hearkat Thanks for the links….unfortunately, they are blocked. Access to this info on their site requires a subscription.

The second link is just summary info about each brand….?

What brand does it say is the best? What does it say against Dyson?

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Damn… I thought those pages were open – sorry! I’ll cut & paste. BRB!

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Consumer Reports Brand Information:

Dyson is a relatively new brand in the U.S. market. With a very effective advertising campaign featuring its namesake owner and designer, Dyson entered the U.S. with a bang, quickly garnering a competitive share of sales. Ranging in price from $300 to $600, Dyson vacuums single-handedly increased the average price paid for uprights and created a new top-pricing tier in the mass market. Dyson focuses on innovation, technology, and design, and has connected with status-seeking consumers, making it the “It” brand of vacuums. Originally producing only uprights, Dyson has recently introduced a canister and a hand vacuum. The brand is available nationwide through major mass merchants such as Target, Best Buy, and Sears.”

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Ooops. sorry hearkat. This is the one we could read (the brand summary). There is nothing negative in that one…?

It is the first link…the one w/ the actual ratings that is not accessible.

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Can you see this page? It lists the top 6 models they recommend.

The DC17 – Absolute Animal is the highest rated Dyson (8th on the CR list with a score of 65, as opposed to the highest score of 75). Here’s what they say about the DC17:

Carpet: Very Good
Bare floors: Excellent
Tool airflow: Good
Noise: Good
Emissions: Excellent
Handling: Fair
Pet hair: Very Good

Reviews and recommendations
CR’s Take
Moderately expensive, this upright excelled at cleaning bare floors and keeping its emissions low. It cleaned carpets and picked up pet hair very well, but it is somewhat noisy and lacks a few key features.

This model excelled at cleaning bare floors and keeping its emissions low. It was very good at cleaning carpets and picking up pet hair.

The Dyson was fairly noisy in our tests and was somewhat hard to handle. It lacks suction control, manual pile-height adjustment, and a retractable cord. It is not self-propelled.

Manual-pile adjust: No
Accepts tools: Yes
Suction control: No
Brush on/off: Yes
Retractable cord: No
Easy on/off: No
Full-bag/bin indicator: Yes
High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter: Yes
Folds for storage: No
Self-propelled: No

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Thanks hearkat! No, I cannot see that page. It is requiring a subscription/sign in….

I have to tell you. I am smiling as I realize just how miserable my old vacuum was….one of the first things my husband said when I used the new Dyson…“well, it sure is quieter”. It is also much lighter and easier to push than my Hoover Wind Tunnel. (In reference to the CR ratings above…)

So I am really very pleased.

What did they rate the highest?

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A kenmore…

I’m at work, and lunch ended a while ago! Sorry I can’t add more. CR has made it difficult to copy & paste, of course.

For most things, I believe you get what you pay for, I don’t want to overspend just for a name. That’s why I was wondering.

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@hearkat. All I can tell you is that I had been resistant due to the price….then my vac died. Something had to be purchased. I researched online. There are overwhelmingly positive reviews for Dyson….and Costco had a Dyson for $50 off.

I am happy w/ my purchase.

quit getting online at work! :) (wink)

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I work in healthcare, so I can’t feign being productive while Fluthering

I appreciate your input… chances are that I’ll get the DC25 Animal… I’ll report back!

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Here is a different take on vacuum cleaners as gifts.

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That’s so funny daisy! I’m glad I bought the dyson for my daughter. I don’t think daughters can throw mothers in the dog house!! I loved the sponsorship waiting until the end too.

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Okay, now that you’ve tackled the hidden gunk in your household fibers, get yourself a strong blacklight and wander around with it in total darkness. You’ll be scared sick! It picks up any organic (and many chemical) residue and your kitchen and bathrooms will look like a fright house (especially if you have children!). I used my blacklight to clean my son’s bathroom in the dark. There were drips of this and that – apparently invisible to the naked eye) all over the place. Urrrgh. It took A LOT of scrubbing and testing before all drips and spots had been eliminated. :-)

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@McBean – I am waiting to do that until after my son moves out and the cats and dogs all die. I would just have to do it over every day once I knew how bad it was (and how quickly it could get back that way).

I would just have to clean up after my husband, and he only uses the one bathroom so I would still have two clean ones.

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@McBean Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I am but one person. There is only so much Cholorox in the world….

It must be like CSI at your house! :)

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When we first used it, my then 7 year-old son ran and put his slippers on! :-) Then there were rivulets of something down the front of my white kitchen cabinets that I’m guessing may have been egg whites from a few sloppily cracked eggs. The thing is, with white cabinets, I’m always spraying and wiping them down. Apparently, some things take more than a quick spray and wipe to get rid of.

@Darwin, boys’ bathrooms are ALWAYS disgusting!!!

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Update: I got the DC25 and it has worked great! I love the maneuverability in the narrow row home, and the crap it picked up was amazing! I feel it was a good investment :-)

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Congrats, Hearkat! Welcome to the Dyson Fan Club.

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@hearkat Isn’t is gross?! Welcome to the other side. LOL.

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@bythebay – Thanks!

@Snoopy – Yes! We have 2 cats (one with Maine Coon fur), a snake and a lizard; plus a human that sheds as much as a cat (me), and DIY renovations in progress. Yuck!

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@hearkat drywall dust is my nemesis!

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Dyson Animal, absolutely the best. We love ours. You will need to give it a thorough cleaning once in a while though. Take it apart and clean the micro disc filter and wash the dust out of all the nooks n crannys, Drywall dust will plug it up, found that out myself.

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@pekenoe I hate drywalling! That stuff gets everywhere!!!!

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I think most sane people hate drywall.

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Off topic but your fears should be put to rest by now regarding the Dyson :)

I now use a damp rag for most of my drywall “sanding” works great.

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@ pekenoe, I usually use a damp spong. I tried a rag, but it would bunch up on me.

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Seems like the Animal is the best one. We have… some other model which is escaping me (it’s yellow), and it’s not all that and a bag of chips. From what I hear, yours really is a powerful sucker. Congrats!

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I love my dyson Animanl . When I sweep, it seems the dirt is never ending. BUT since I got it, we are sick less and I don’t need to clean my carpets as often. 2 dogs insides plus 1 cat, 2 teenage boys and a hubby.

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someone swore by Dyson hoovers they just hoovered there floor Dyson did its job so i tested something out (and to show Dyson aint the best) i brought round my hoover ,
they were so cocky that Dyson was the best and mine was crap
guess what right after they hoovered with theres and i used mine ,my hoover picked up more dust hair and crap so the Dyson failed now she uses the brand i use and doesnt look back

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Um, somebody stole all of the punctuation. My brain hurts now.

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Wow…I’m going to have to check that vac out….it sounds like it’d probably explode though the first time I use it with all the dog and cat hair that I know is in my carpet…

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I have hardwood floors with tile in the baths and kitchen. I am a big fan of Swiffer!! I am a Rainbow vacuum owner, but it is a pricy bastard! My husband was helping out a friend who was selling them, and unloaded the $1800. for the vacuum and attachments and air filtration system. I HATE a vacuum, hence my reasoning for tearing all the carpet out of the house when I bought it. I also have a Shih Tzu which are said to be non-shedding dogs although no such thing really exists! When I do run the vacuum about once a month, it is truly amazing what gets sucked up. I wouldn’t mind having something a little smaller for those in between jobs. Is the Dyson Animal expensive??

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@VS ; less than your rainbow but more than a hoover.

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@VS The Dyson also has a switch to turn off the rotating brushes for use on hardwood floors. I have only area rugs w/ hardwood floors and it is nice to be able to use one device to take care of both areas

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@Judi @Snoopy – oh, I like the sound of both of those!

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@VS I thought I’d like Swiffer too, but my floors are too hard core for the little things to handle! Two dogs inside, lots of running about outside.

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First time we used one I went looking for the cat to see if it shaved it’s hair off. Cat still has hair and keeps loaning it to the carpet.

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I have a dyson and I love it. But I am sure it doubles up as a candyfloss (cotton candy) maker but for dust instead because no matter how many times I hoover I fills up so quickly!!

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Oh I SO want an Animal Dyson now…economy recover soon so I can have the clean rugs like other Dyson owners. We are mostly hardwood floors with area rugs, but 2 dogs (dachshunds, of course) and a hubby who works in the yard constantly, would love to have that Dyson…maybe soon!

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Just got the Dyson Animal DC17, and I love it to death. And I heard about the Animal from this thread – so thanks, guys!

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i have a dyson. yes your rugs were that dirty

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Still chugging away with a dreadnought class Kirby. Seems to do pretty good, but am curious about the lighter weight vacuums. Orecks and such. Can’t afford a Dyson.

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The poor gerbil!

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I own two dogs, two large area rugs, and 1 Dyson Animal DC 14

Each time I vacuum the living room rug alone, I have to empty the substantial dirt container 3 – 4 times!

It is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I owned a Kirby Generation 4 that could never do what this does!

A gerbil? Nay I say, a Raccoon, no less, Yea I say, a Raccoon!

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This q is nearly a year and a half old and wondered if anyone knows about the new Dyson vac with the roller ball. PM me is you happen in here and have info!

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: The roller ball had just been introduced when this question came out. The model I had purchased was the roller ball “Animal” version. I bought it as a Christmas present for the man I was dating at the time, but the relationship ended not long after. I did use it several times, though, and was impressed with it.

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I have the same Dyson Animal . I love it and yes it gets stuff that has been missed all this time. It is great after a rug shampoo too.
Ours also took up the evidently clipped fibers of a 15 year old rug that was vacuumed often before. The burlap shows through in the traffic area now ! It was so much I thought it was eatting the rug. I just did the walls. IT IS NOT fashioned for that and I got tired holding the long wand but the amount of stuff it got off the dark panelling and the tops of cabinets was embarrassing.
Clean the filter often and I am going to buy and extra filter because we live on a farm and it needs washed alot and takes two days to dry.

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Wow 98 responses. Let’s make it 100.

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Ah Ha! I bring good news to those Dyson Wannabes! Bed Bath and Beyond has 20% off coupons they mail out on a regular basis (get on the mailing list!). Yes, the Dyson was expensive, but when I used the coupon, that really made a difference! Can’t say enough good things about it. zzc and cats Gracie and Rocky

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@zzc ; I used a coupon too. It makes a big difference.

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Mike Dyson 20% off!?

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New carpets gives off more particulates than older carpets do. Also, if you wait a long time between vacuuming, you will find more hair/dander than you will if you do it more frequently.

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1) Yes, your rugs were in fact that dirty.

2) As your carpets ages, you walking on them, and yes, vacuuming, small fibers will indeed break off and get vacuumed up.

3) If you have animals, yes they DO shed that much.

4) You as a human shed quite a lot of dead skin cells too.

5) Your other vacuum was no better in terms of carpet wear – the difference is that the Dyson lets you SEE everything, and it also does not lose suction, so that every time you vacuum, you are picking up new crud.

Note: If you used to use a steam cleaner, you may remember the dirty water was always BLACK. After using a Dyson for a little while, and then steam cleaning, you you see the steam cleaner’s dirty water will instead be a light grey.

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Now this question is two years old…and I’m answering it in my alternate @Dutchess12 form, which is Dutchess_III. Maybe I won’t totally forget about it this time since, for the first time ever, I can think about spending $1500 on something new that doesn’t have four wheel drive and a rear entertainment center. Either a riding mower or….a Dyson.

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$1500? I bought my Dyson brand new at Costco for under $300. Even full retail they are only $500.

Dutchess_III's avatar

(I know now he was scamming me. The funny part is, my husband is a salesman—industrial compressors—and he started acting like he really was considering buying the thing! You’d think a salesman would recognize his own ilk!...That might be a good question!)

SiameseIfYouPlease's avatar

Industrial/big ticket salespersons are quite different from retail levels sales persons – at retail level, salespersons are trained for “emotional” techniques. Industrial/business to business are typically trained for “fact based” techniques.

TIP: Is a salesperson is pushing your emotional buttons (pretending to be your friend,pretending you are getting special treatment, etc.), run away really fast.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@SiameseIfYouPlease Nah…this one was trying to push my “OMG FREAK OUT LOOK HOW DIRTY MY HOUSE IS!!!” Button. But I don’t have one. I’m fully aware that there is plenty of stuff in my floors and on my cabinets and probably on the skin of my children that I really don’t want to see under a microscope! Doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt you.
My furniture really did look nice after he left tho. :)

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Let’s see, over 2 years ago you posted that. Am I too late for tea?
Yes, your carpets can look pretty clean, but once Dyson-ized it’s hard to believe what’s in that bin. It makes you vacuum even more often, because you start thinking, “I know that rug looks clean, but my daughter sleeps in here…” The comment “That’s why we have tile” sounds kind of dismissive, but they’re right. Carpets require a ton of upkeep, or they are unhealthy. Don’t wear your shoes inside. Feel like a jerk telling people to take them off? Me too, so some places in the house we allow it. But mostly I ask right inside the front door.

We have 2 Dysons, a DC17 Absolute (“All Floors”) and a lightweight. The DC17 has 7 royal blue cyclones and 2 wheels. My DC17 is an amazing piece of equipment and I love it. So don’t take these comments as bashing. I highly recommend the product.

Some things to know about Dyson -
**They have different models in USA and UK, with the US models sporting stiffer bristles that were developed especially for carpeting sold here.

**Count the “cyclones” on your Dyson. These are the molded, hemispheric cones encircling the top of the waste bin. The best Dysons have 7. (Unless they make even more now.) The cheaper ones have 5. It makes a difference, not only with how well it cleans, but also on WHAT you can clean. Fewer cyclones are not good with very fine powdery dirt, except in small amounts.

**I’m not a big fan of the ball. The lightweight upright has a mini-ball. It doesn’t stand on its own so well for storage anymore, and the ball, when you are maneuvering, is not always best, I find.

**If your Dyson doesn’t have the telescoping wand, you are missing one of the coolest features ever. It puts anything within easy reach. Stinkbugs, bees – not just walls and drapes. I use my DC17 as a “canister” at least as much, maybe more, than a traditional vacuum. The “low reach floor tool”, another must have, combined with the wand, makes this vacuum a true convertible, and it follows you around as you clean non-fixed items like area rugs that are too much of a hassle to try to vacuum with the tornado-like suction of the main powerhead. A very fast and convenient method to have as an alternative to regular upright use, especially in the kitchen, under the table, etc.

**You may notice an annoying trait of the Dyson – sometimes it pushes dirt along the floor instead of picking it up. I imagine the latest “air muscle” models are even worse, as this new feature ensures an even greater seal between the vacuum and the floor. And this relates to your “so much dust in the bin” comment – Dyson’s are great for picking up dust, allergens, dander. They don’t do so well with bigger stuff that doesn’t easily squish under the powerhead. You’re better off making a quick sweep (or pickup) of big debris first, then vacuuming.

**Emptying them. Ha! Don’t fall for the images of the nicely dressed woman or man sticking the bin well inside the garbage can, pulling the trigger, and walking away clean. Yes, you can do this, but if that’s all you ever do, you will soon notice that more and more nastiness remains stuck up inside. To really maintain the suction and capacity of the bin, you have to release the clear bin from the top cyclones, and brush the top clean. Do this OUTSIDE. It’s GROSS. Dust flies EVERYWHERE. I wear an N95 mask religiously, but If I’m caught without one, I hold my breath. If it’s a windy day, GOOD. At least you can choose a direction and get the dirt to blow away from you. This is such a dirty, dusty, nasty job that you wouldn’t want to do it in a really nice outfit. A vacuum with a bag (which I would never go back to) is so much more convenient to empty. Once in a great while I either use compressed air to clean it (horrible!) or I run water thru it. Either way, it’s like I’m Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. I have a woodstove that dries anything near it, so I don’t worry about getting the water out.

**The HEPA. Dysons have a washable lifetime high efficiency particulate airfilter in their final stage. You are supposed to wash it out once every 6 months. God forbid you decide to do this when the weather is overcast and damp. Since you are specifically warned to NOT use a direct heat source to dry it, most of us would place it in the sun or a warm, dry area. It takes days and days to dry without nice, radiant gentle heat! I can dry it in 3 or 4 hours on the mantle above the wood heater. 12 hours outside, in the summer.

**Eee gadz, the PRICE!! I almost forgot. I got mine from a floor display at Bed Bath & Beyond for almost $200 less than what they were selling for in other stores, and I used a 30% off coupon too. It cost something like $330 tax incl., and I was elated because the thing sold for $500 or more everywhere else before tax. Yikes! Not for the faint of heart!!

I’m sure there’s more. Sometimes you have to take apart the powerhead and clean the brush roller. (You don’t have to. The Dyson UK Bobbies won’t come to fine you. I’m just fastidious this way.) Disassembly and re-assembly is a breeze. Wonderful. Cutting the stubborn strands of extra-thick USA carpet out of it is tough, though.

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@MikoDel (The question was posted two years ago. I was just noting that I answered two years after the question was posted.)
Yeah…if I had a really GOOD vacuum I can imagine I’d be using it more and I’d be happier and more satisfied. But, I don’t at this point, so everybody just has to deal with it I guess.

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I have purchased the DC-25 Animal Ball for my new home. The one I got above was a gift for the guy I was dating 2 years ago. I searched online and Sears had an online only sale, and I could pick it up at my local store! We save over $100!!

I have no problems with the ball and find it very maneuverable.

I have to clean the rollers on the brush and the stair brush every time, because I have long hair and shed a lot. Dyson recommends cleaning both filters every 3 months. They’ve designed it so it’s easy to disassemble to clean the rollers and filters.

So far, I’ve been very pleased with this machine and it’s performance.

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@majorrich “Dreadnought class Kirby” HoHo I remember my mom’s Kirby. Dreadnought class is right. That sucker was solid cast metal parts throughout.

I like our mid-range Oreck. It’s pretty light for an upright and has HEPA class filter bags which seems to be a good thing for allergies. Occasionally I wish it had more suction, as I hear the Dyson’s have, but any time I got near the papers spread around the parrot cage they’d get sucked up I suspect. When I bought the3 Oreck, about eight years ago, there were no Dyson’s or other tornado-type vacuums available. I like that the Orecks are made in the U.S. too.

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I have had a Dyson Animal for 8 years and love it. My mom got one, and it freaked her out because she thought it must be ruining her carpet. She gave it to my sister and bought herself a little upright Hoover or something. Silly lady!

When I was a kid, my mom had an Electrolux. It was built like a tank.

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I treated bought the same machine for as a Christmas gift for myself and have I love it.

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Do people walk around in the house with outside shoes on? If so there is an avoidable cause right there. Flip flops or (strapless esp.) the best for the house, no need to use hands to remove them to go to bed, on the couch etc.

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I’m barefoot most of the time.

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