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At what point is it time to end a blog?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 24th, 2008

I have had a blog for about 3 years now. I post to it weekly but I have noticed that I am not getting responses to it. I even post on Twitter when it is updated to help drive traffic to it. I had a really good surge in June but since then, only a handful spread across several posts. Is it time to hang up the towel?

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Maybe its time to switch to Tumblr

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MrJ, I want to read it! PM me the link, please.

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It really depends on why you’re writing the blog in the first place. If you’re doing it only for the feedback, and the feedback you’re getting isn’t enough for you, then yes; maybe it is time to hang it up.

Personally, I’ve found several good reasons to keep blogging even when I’m not getting much feedback:

1. Memories. I’m in the process of manually backing up my blog for the past five years, as well as scanning, annotating, and posting some zines I wrote from 1991 through 1996. It amazes me how much stuff I’d forgotten – interesting stuff, too! And I have a better memory than most people. A blog is a great way to save memories that might otherwise be lost forever.

2. Connections. Even during the times when I don’t get much feedback, once in a while I get a response that makes it worthwhile. Email from the author of a book I’ve reviewed, or a disk of cool stuff from a friend.

3. Memories for others. This may not apply to you, but many of my journal entries have been about milestones in the life of my son. I’m writing them for him. He’s six now, but when he’s older I think he’ll read those old entries and be glad that they’re there (which is also why I’m backing them up).

4. Writing practice. If you’re interested in writing and perhaps one day getting published, keeping a blog is a good way to get yourself into the habit of writing regularly.

So why do you blog, anyway?

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I think you should only give it up when you have nothing left to say.

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Do you enjoy sitting down and writing your blog? If the answer is yes, then keep doing it. If however, you aren’t enjoying it anymore, then time to throw in the towel. These are questions only you can answer though unfortunately.

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@PeterM: I couldn’t say it better myself.

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Yup, if you are still enjoying writing it——keep it up. If you are not enjoying it anymore, due to lack of readership, quit…and fill that time with something else.

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I guess I am at that stage of being frustrated with the lack of response. I see what you are saying @PeterM about the diary aspect of the writing. My blog is about my profession and my ideas on how my peers can improve what we do. What I find to be the most frustrating is that people aren’t commenting on my blog but when someone else posts the same idea later; it becomes a hot-button of discussion.

As I write this, I know it is that inner-circle jealousy thing that happened to most of us in high school. But there is an issue of my writing being progressive enough to start the conversation only to have no one hear it until the “popular kids” say it first.

And I do have a Tumblr as well as a Twitter (I tried Plurk but not ready for it). I use them all differently but they all tie together as well.

Ack! Is this a Web 2.0 frustration or what? Really? This is my problem?!?! ha ha

Seems so benign.

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What efforts have you made to spread the word on your blog. Have you done all of these 16 steps? Traffic does not just happen.

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@Marina I haven’t followed all 16 but I daily read Chris Brogan’s blog and he has written some great posts about social media. His blog (his name with a dot com) has interesting commentary and includes information on how to be a better and more socially responsible contributor to the social community.

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@Marina: Thanks for the link! Lurve you! :^>

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I decided to take a break from that blog and figure out what I am doing with it. I archived it tonight and posted a brief “goodbye for now” message. I continue to blog in other places on other topics. I have not given up on the medium. I am just trying to figure out where that one will go or if it will continue later.

Thanks for your ideas everyone!

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@marina- that link has been added to my favorites Thanks! (again!)

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