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Is it normal mom's bf opened our door with a screwdriver to ask us questions?

Asked by thesuperherotwins (39points) April 1st, 2019

We don’t get along with this guy. Our dad died a few years ago. He is not that much older than us and he thinks he is our dad and he is in charge. He is always swearing at us and treating us bad.

We had practice early in the morning and he kept waking us UP AT 1:30 AND 3:30 am to ask us some questions and see if we had boys in there. (we never do) We freaked out because can’t you knock) My mom is mad at us for waking her up and says we need to behave and make her bf happy.

We went back to our grandparents and now our mom is mad at us and texted us that she is calling the cops if we don’t come home. My grandparents and her are fighting a lot.

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Oooooo! MAJORLY creepy!

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It’s not your job, nor is it up to you to make her boyfriend happy.
His barging into your room borders on harassment. Perhaps it is best that the cops are called so they can see what is happening in your moms home.

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I doubt she even wrote the text.Because he is always checking her phone. I wish she’d wake up. Major control freak.

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Are you in school? You should tell the counselor at school or call Child Protective Services yourself.

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Yeah. I am not in school today because I twisted my ankle and can’t walk. I kind of want to wait to tell anyone bc what if they side with our mom and not our grandparents?

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Yeah, next time he does it, you should call the cops on him.

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This is surely a flag of worse to come.
This BF probably wanted an excuse to view you in bed, really inappropriate.
It is a known fact that most incidences of sexual interference comes from an outsider of the family.(Especially if the man is younger)
Go to school and talk with the counselor to get you two away from this bad situation which is the beginning of more “peeping” incidences and will escalate to worse.
This has to be addressed NOW before one or both of you are targeted.
Never mind talking it over with your mother , get away to a safe place on referral of the counselor.Phone Grandparents and inform them that you two are in a bad set up and don’t want it to get worse.( Have the Grandparents can all in the authorities).

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I agree with @jca2. Get another adult from the school in on this. Now.

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1000% inappropriate. He’s showing you he is in control and you are helpless, which is part of grooming. Your mother should stop that behavior immediately and if she doesn’t, you need to get help.

Plus how are you supposed to sleep with him breaking into your room at all hours, that’s crazy.

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If you can stay with your grandparents, I would suggest it. He is not a good person.

How old are you?

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What do your grandparents say about the whole thing? Did you tell them?

Don’t be afraid to tell someone else. Tell the school, tell the authorities. He shouldn’t be waking you up in the middle of the night for any reason, even if it’s just to talk to you. It’s not appropriate.

Dutchess_III's avatar said, ”....what if they side with our mom and not our grandparents.” So your grandparents DO know about this and haven’t done anything?

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Or does that mean “what if they don’t let us stay with our grandparents?”

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If they can’t stay with the Grandparents then go to authorities to get to a safe place.

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our grandparents know and let us stay there. They don’t like the guy at all. My grandpa wants to punch him.

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Sounds like the bf is a creeper and your mom is hooked on him. Maybe some odd sort of co-dependence maybe? Out of curiosity, how old are you? That plays into a number of factors on how to deal with mom and the bf.

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Tell a school counselor, child protective services or even the police. Get help from some outside adult in a position of such authority, straight away. Such behavior shouldn’t be accepted or tolerated, and if it is things will only escalate and end badly for you. Frank speak: he’s already forceably entering your room, in the middle of the night, to “ask questions”. It’s only a small leap from that to forcing his way into your room to sexually assault you.

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@Darth_Algar Exactly! They should leave Now!

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@thesuperherotwins Grandpa sounds awesome. Stay with him.

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Do you have the option of moving in with your grandparents?
How old are you, BTW?

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