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Have you found yourself daydreaming more as you get older?

Asked by Harper1234 (854points) April 3rd, 2019

Maybe this is just a woman’s “menopause thing” or strictly aging but lately I have been daydreaming much more it seems…maybe I have too much time on my hands? Anyone else fit into this category?

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No, my peak daydreaming was in 1st and 2nd Grade, during grammar and punctuation lessons. Wars were won and lost, civilizations rose and fell, etc…

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Preteen and teen years I would say.

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I think I have a shorter attention span but it’s not necessarily day dreaming.

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No. Not really. Daydreaming is part of “Some day I’m going….” well, kind of those days are gone.
Now I pretty much just have memories. Some great, some awful that keep me awake at night.

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