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Interesting health-related rental business ideas?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) December 27th, 2009

Anyone have any interesting medical or health-related rental ideas? I’m interested in starting a local rental business, and am researching ideas. Considering people are living longer, with more conditions and disability, any interesting ideas for a rental business?

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Certainly all the gear people need as they get older, eg., walkers, tubchairs, hospital beds, home oxygen, Gadgets to make activities of daily living easier. And canes, crutches, wheelchairs for shortterm leg, foot breaks, etc.

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Why limit yourself to rental supplies? Why not sell medical supplies also? My mom has a urostomy and there is only one medical supply place within 50 miles that has ostomy supplies. She also uses oxygen, so she has two different places she has to shop to get the medical supplies needed for daily living. Adding a delivery service would be fantastic too.

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Nearly all the medical/health related rental shops here also sell the supplies.

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