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Are you scared of aging?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) September 15th, 2013

Last year when I renewed my drivers license I had 20/20 vision, a year later I don’t have 20/20 vision anymore. Than there’s the thing about the gray hair that started appearing. And than it dawned on me I aging and am not sure how I feel about that.

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I’m not scared of aging. I’m just afraid of the dying part.

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Guess what? You can’t stop it so it is best to make peace with it. I do that by trying to make every moment count.

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I’m not especially scared of aging or dying. I’d just like to stay as healthy as possible till the Grim Reaper pays that final house call.

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If I was it is too late now!

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I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Usually, I find, that worry is a self fulfilling prophecy. So don’t do it!

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Yeah I am. I’m scared that I am going to waste my golden years away. It all starts with procrasination, which I am a professional at.

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I’m just surprised that I feel so good at my age. I always thought 70 was really old.

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I was OK with aging until I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year. Knowing that my body is going to break down more rapidly and cause me lots of pain in the process really sucks.

I am looking forward to stopping coloring my hair, though. I’m at about 40% grey now and have one bottle of haircolor left. After that I plan on using color with less ammonia and less brightness so that it will fade out without being too two-tone.

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I’m not scared of aging. I’m scared of becoming mentally and/or physically incapable of living independently and caring for myself.

Everybody plans to grow old. Nobody plans to get sick and helpless.

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Why be scared of nature. Why hate something that doesn’t feel hate.

The things you are complaining of losing are things some people never had. Eye sight? Some people are born blind or had to wear the awful fashions of glasses. Grey hair some people start losing hair before it greys. Other people find it attractive.

The good thing about aging is that it happens slowly. Giving you time to adjust. Also it is a matter of perspective. What are you gaining? Experiences, memories, knowledge, people? Countless things. Time grants and yes it also takes. Did you really expect you were different?

Ok so you don’t like it. What shall you do spend the rest of your life complaining you are old and cataloging the ways? That is an option my advice.. find another one.

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I’m enjoying some of the things about aging such as the perspective that allows me not to worry about some of the insignificant things I used to. The cake doesn’t come out exactly as I want it to? Doesn’t really matter. It still tastes good. My purse doesn’t match my shoes? Eh. I just want a smile and a twinkle in my eyes, which I’ve still got.
It’s easier to say, “No.” I do miss being able to move quickly and I hate having to search for words. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse and I know it is, but , I’m here. I’m an individual. I still have a sense of humor and, particularly, a sense of the ridiculous. The world is a theater of the ridiculous. I feel less and less influential in it, and that’s okay too.

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Isn’t that about the same as being scared of breathing, eating, or your heart beating?

all that shit keeps crankin’ whether you like it or not

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Dying holds no fear for me…trying to endure life in so much pain and loneliness looks much worse.

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Not afraid of aging/dying but… if/when, the quality of my life is so diminished as to be of non-quality I plan on checking out. Chronic pain/illness, inability to care for myself, a pet, poverty and suffering, no thanks. I have enjoyed a pretty good life and I have no desire to endure any of the above. Time to go, and I’m okay with that choice.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I agree is the dying part that scares the hell out of me. But I suppose we can’t sit and worry how we are going to die.
A quote from the movie ConAir -“Do you know whats insane? We are working our whole lives away only to retire and than to sit and wait to die.”
@marinelife I agree I am doing that making the best of life, every second is valuable to me.
@Unbroken that is so true, aging is a fact of life, but I find it a bit sad tough, my concerns is the same a @Coloma.

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I’m scared stress is going to make me look really old before my time, and it’s all because of school and social anxiety. So for me, it’s not necessarily getting older but because of stress, plus I’m neurotic and I worry about stuff way more than I should and get over anxious. And I’m only 14! I think it’s pathetic.

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@fightfightfight Everyone is neurotic at 14, now if you are still neurotic at 54, get some therapy. lol

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@fightfightfight I agree with @Coloma‘s humorous, yet very insightful, comment.

Actually, it’s refreshing to meet a 14-year-old who cares so much about school and social responsibilities. You’re a nice break from a steady stream of, “Yeah, whatever.”

If you look old at 21, please contact me. I can teach you all the tricks of (real) skin care, Botox, and fillers. :-)

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I strove with none, for none was worth my strife.
Nature I loved and, next to Nature, Art:
I warm’d both hands before the fire of life;
It sinks, and I am ready to depart.

Walter Savage Landor (written on his 74th birthday)

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Scared? No.

Pissed off? Absolutely.

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I am enjoying my later years. My only regret is my stomach isn’t flat anymore.

Yet my wife is kind enough to say I look fine.

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@JimTurner Mrs. Turner sounds like a lovely lady.

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^^^ Now if only I could find a man that didn’t mind my growing belly. lol

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Why should I be afraid of something that’s been happening to me all my life?

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Honestly, yes, I’m scared. I see old people around me, stooped, and walking with walkers or in wheelchairs…and I ask myself: will this be me down the road? To me, old age is not a pretty picture, and I’d rather not go there.

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Why fear the inevitable??? It’s a fact of life as long as I breathe!!!

I’m getting to the place that I no longer fear death either. It will come when it comes. I had a dear friend who contracted cancer & everybody kept telling him all the healthy things he should be doing to prolong his life. With each piece of advice came a brag on what they were doing to stay healthy. After a while, he grew tired of it & the next person telling him how he should be eating healthy caught his wrath. He looked at her & said “The way I see it is that I’m going to die sick & you’re going to die healthy. The irony is that you’ll be just as dead as I am.”

Thinking about it, he was right. We are ALL born to die & our death begins the second that we take our first breath & so does aging.. My Mom worked hard to stay looking young. Looking back, the only thing she achieved was looking young in her coffin..I make it a habit to not stress over things for which I have NO control. Aging & death fits into that category. I just don’t want to be told when I’ll die. I want to be SURPRISED!!!

I do nothing to speed up the process as well as doing nothing to prolong the agony!!!

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True @LadyMarissa As Dylan once said: “That he not busy being born is busy dying”.

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Wow. 5 years later and I’ve definitely changed my answer. Yes, aging scares the shit out of me! As soon as that 30 year mark hit, I started worrying about age a lot more. In what ways will my body change, when will gray hair show up, how many more wrinkles will appear, are my tattoos all going to turn to mush, did my the best of my prime years already pass me by…

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^ Honey, the 30’s ARE the BEST of your prime years!!! I’m in my 60’s & earlier this year I had 6 friends die within 4 weeks. I was worried that the funeral home was going to start charging me rent!!! I was there more often than some of their employees.

I can’t tell what my tat is…when I can see it at all!!!

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