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Why do some people post the obvious punch line?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46803points) April 5th, 2019

For example, I posted a silly meme that looked like a camel had a kid’s head it its mouth. The meme said:

“A camel is eating your kid. Do you
A) Save your kid or
B) take a picture.”

I thought it was funny.
This one person comments, “Moot point!! picture is already taken!!” Well. Yes. That was the joke.
I have a few others on my FB page that do various versions of the same thing. Does anyone know why?

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Because different people tend to react differently to the same content due to different senses of humor, levels of sophistication, states of mind, other nebulous social/mental differences, etc? Or is that too obvious & non-specific?

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LOL! Sounded pretty through to me @Zaku!

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That means you’re “playing to a tough crowd”!

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They didn’t get the joke.

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They are probably the same people who after seeing a funny punchline several times in a movie preview laugh hysterically when they finally see It in the movie theater.

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”... pretty through…” totally

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I did not initially get the joke. A meme is not the same as a photograph.

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A meme IS a photograph, with words on it @LostInParadise. Here is the meme in question.

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Thanks for the info

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@Pinguidchance Yes, I saw my spelling error too later. “Thoroughly” is a damn hard word to type!

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I know this is light years off topic, but I’m watching a golden bumblebee outside my window at at this very moment. :-D I didn’t want to lose the moment while hunting for or creating an appropriate thread.

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LOL!! This is social. We are now on the topic of bumble bee memes..

There is a real shortage of bumble bee memes out there. I’m going to have to make some.

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LMAO at the meme and thanks for my next avatar, amiga! :-D

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Glad to help!

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