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How old were you when you first made a joke?

Asked by gondwanalon (22864points) September 5th, 2022 from iPhone

I was about 5 and my Mother was giving me a bath. When it was time to dry off, Mom gave me the towel. I put one foot on the edge of the tub and dried it. Then I put the dry foot back in the water and put the other foot on the edge of the tub to dry. I repeated this a couple times until my Mom started laughing.

How about you?

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My father, apparently, was laughing uncontrollably the moment he laid eyes on me at birth.
So that’s at 3 seconds old?

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I think I was good at knock-knock jokes, probably age 4 or so.

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When I was two, my mother ha said, she was holding me over the table and i said, “Don’t drop me or I will be supper!”

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I have no idea how old I was, but it was very very young. Probably before age 5 even if it was just a knock knock joke, but it might have been from my own wit. My family has a good sense of humor. I started kindergarten when I was 4, so I think I was already learning some sarcasm and ways to make people laugh by then.

I don’t remember a specific instance where I got a laugh for the first time and thought, oh wow I need to do that again. I hear people tell stories like that.

Very young there were boys who thought they were funny, but they weren’t, and actually I’d say they were mean.

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Having been around kids a lot, I would bet good money that you probably made a joke way before age five. Babies are legit hilarious.

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I do not remember what my first joke was, but I do remember fireworks during a class trip, and me making a challenger space shuttle joke based on it.

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@ragingloli Primary school?
Was it ‘too soon’?

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I believe it was around 2000.

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Either way, there is no “too soon”.

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I agree.
And fourteen years after the fact is for sure not too soon.
I’m trying to find out what age group you’re in…

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I mean, people are still upset about 9/11 jokes, and I was into the memes as soon as they started popping up immediately after the event.

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I don’t remember me. But when my son was 5 The Very Hungry Catapiller (a children’s book) was on my coffee table.
I told my son to take it in his bedroom.
“Why?” He said. “There’s nothing to eat in there.”
Oh lord!

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When I was baptized as an infant, I shat on the priest.

Does that count?

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