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Why does the news seem to always describe an SUV as such in an accident, but not other types of cars?

Asked by josie (30934points) April 8th, 2019

I feel like they nearly always say “An SUV jumped the curb downtown and killed five people” but they never seem to say that “a mid-sized sedan” or “a sports car” jumped the curb and killed five people.
What is that all about?

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Well, probably because an SUV is equated with children, just like a min-van. It’s always more shocking if children might be involved.

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But similarly they will say “pickup” or “truck” or “van” or “big rig”, etc. Perhaps mid-sized sedans are taken to be the default, so the others will receive a special identification. Also, perhaps there is a harkening back to the days when SUVs were associated with dangerous problems (like flipping over).

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Could it be that this actually occurs more frequently with SUV’s?
1. SUV’s are very popular/common.

2. They have a higher stance which means it’s potentially easier for them to jump a curb than a sports car (as an example).

3. The types of areas where this kind of accident occurs (urban) tend to have higher concentrations of SUVs than more rural areas. E.g. I’m sure pickup trucks “jump the curb” way more than other vehicle out in the back country roads, except there isn’t a “curb”—just a painted line, and there aren’t any people to hit when it happens.

4.There’s also your confirmation bias likely at play. Is it possible that there are many articles written about non-SUVs in such accidents, but due to human psychology, you may be filtering out the examples that contradict your hypothesis and remembering the examples that support it, we all do this.

It’s also entirely possible that you’re 100% right and this does get reported differently in the media based on SUV vs. other vehicle types.

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Maybe they think all cars are SUV’s. Maybe they don’t want to get caught up in the details of describing 2-door sedans, convertibles, 2-door posts, pick-up trucks, vans, four-wheel drives, etc.

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I know of a woman in a white SUV who had 5 children in the car when she rear ended a stopped semi at 70 mph on the highway in Oklahoma in July 2017. She was fucking texting. 13 year old Izzy Kitterman “survived,” but is still, and will always be, figuring out how to do the most basic functions. She’s a fighter. She’s mentally intact, but her body is jacked up.
I went to high school with her gramma.

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