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Have you had any "what were they thinking" moments, lately?

Asked by zensky (13357points) October 29th, 2012

Kim Kardashian (it’s been a slow news day) as a blonde in a mermaid dress?


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When Felix jumped. WHAT WAS HE THINKING.

It was probably the most awesome thing I have ever seen, though.

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There’s going to be a program devoted to his jump on the Nat Geo channel, on November 11.

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Whenever I see my son’s neighbor, a cute 20 something, and her lower back tattoo flashes above her very low rise pants. It’s a 10 cm (4 in), yellow, Bio-hazard symbol perched millimeters above her butt crack. WWST?!

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Yesterday I saw a concrete stamp in the sidewalk that displayed a company name of “Fisted Dove.” wtf?

Just did a google for more info, and here’s a pic of the company building. No explanation of the name though.

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Started learning a new language recently, and the writing system is perplexing to the point of “whaat?”

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She looks like Cher.

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I average one about every 60–90 minutes, so I have too many to list. Suffice it to say that Seattle drivers suck, most of my coworkers are inept at engineering, and Romney supporters defy reason.

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Every time I’m around other human beings I have these moments, particularly while I’m driving.

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@LuckyGuy Poor girl!
Almost everytime I DD.

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@rosehips And just imagine what that looks like in a bathing suit. It’s bright yellow with black outline on that beautifully smooth skin. Ugh. The result of that one decision will be with her forever.

Um… I presume DD stands for Dunkin’ Donuts?

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But if she went running in the dark she might not need any reflective gear.

Lol I know where your priorities are :P Designated Driver. I’d almost prefer the donuts.

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@rosehips Do you think it acts as a warning to anyone considering rear mounted amorous activities?

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If it does do you think anyone actually heeds the red flag? It might actually be a good marketing strategy? How many other back ends have you contemplated for so long?

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I’ll admit I have studied it. I’ve studied it in great detail. Even the shading.

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