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Would you hire Kirstjen Nielsen?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) April 9th, 2019

She’ll be unemployed as of tomorrow.

Would you hire her for anything?

Would you let her babysit your children?

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Darn tootin’ I would! She was the sharpest tool in HRH Trump’s shed and now she’s gone.

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The NY Times this morning has on op-ed piece by Michelle Goldberg saying that corporations and academia should blacklist her for her part in the cruelty.

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There aren’t many job openings for Concentration Camp Director, so no, I would not hire her.

She should be tried for crimes against humanity.

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She was/is not “God.” She is/was not our all powerful queen. She did what she could within the law. She clearly stated that in one of her news conferences while this border thing was really going on.
Unfortunate that society outside the courts would judge her so harshly.

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@kritiper She did what she could within the law.

That is by no means a settled issue, and the regular rebuke of her policies by the courts demonstrates she was not adhering to the law.

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What can one expect when desperate times call for desperate measures? Miracles?? Unlikely!

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Most corporations are completely immoral anyway. She will fit in nicely.

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@zenvelo If she wasn’t working within the law, then why didn’t the FBI or her own legal team stop her? The answer is that she didn’t do anything wrong, legally, but she wasn’t doing what his lord and master, Trump, wanted her to do, and we all know how trustworthy and law abiding he is!
Complaining about her supposed actions is like treating the symptom of a disease.

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If I had the resources to do so, I’d consider hiring her to do a candid and honest expose` on as much of her work in US intelligence agencies as she can reveal without being arrested for doing so.

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It’s difficult to sympathize with Nielsen, if for nothing else the lamentable decision to throw in with the fool to begin with. She’s fortunate to escape the prison time facing others engaged in doing the fool’s bidding. The truth is that it’s damned near impossible to emerge from “service” in the Trump administration unsullied and free from taint. Working for the fool is equivalent to swimming in a toilet. The irony is that it was Trump himself who treated Nielsen like shit because she placed limits on how far she was willing to go in defiance of the nation’s laws.

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