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What really dumb things have you done in your life?

Asked by jca2 (7343points) April 9th, 2019

In one of my local towns, someone recently did something really dumb. Everyone is talking about it. The person has not come forward to admit it, publicly, but it’s news all over the country now. I think it was unintentional, but yet, not a bright move at all.

On social media, posts about this run the gamut from that “we need to be kind about it and let it go,” to “this was such a dumb thing, how could anybody do something so stupid?”

What dumb things have you done in your life? What, if any, were the consequences?

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I didn’t keep control of my weight when it would have been easy to do so, now in my mid fifties and a hundred pounds over weight is a problem.

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Why, @jca2 , would you want us to remember and relive embarrassing moments? That’s borderline cruel of you.

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LOL!! Well, fortunately I can’t remember them but I know they’re there!

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I jumped off of a pretty high cliff into a canal when I was young and foolish.

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35 years ago I tried to do a handstand on a 4 foot toll post. I lost control and did a face plant into the gravel. Broke 4 upper incisor teeth and my lower teeth cut through my lower lip (it’s still numb) Lucky I didn’t break my neck. I went right to emergency care. There was a dental conference going on and suddenly I was surrounded by dentists oohing and aahing and taking photo graphs to publish in their journals.

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When I was 13 or 14, I called the Rabbi’s daughter a slut.

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LOL! You idiot!

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@rockfan It’s only a dumb thing to call her a slut if she wasn’t one. Did you have evidence either way?

What about now, 40 years later? Has she lived a sluttish life? Were you right after all?

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We lived on a cul de sac on a dirt road. Not long after I got my DL I snagged the Vega (with a racing stripe) and starting at the top of the hill I CHARGED to the cul de sac, trying to go completely around it in a slide. Third time around my Mom was in the front yard jumping up and down like crazy. I was confused. I stopped, opened the window and said, “What’s wrong?”

@elbanditoroso So it’s OK to call a girl or a woman a slut if she has sex? What do we call the boys that have sex with her?
Usually men / boys call a woman / girl that when they won’t have sex with their slutty asses.

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She was bragging about having 10 boyfriends in two years, and that some of the kids in the synagogue were nerdy and couldn’t get a girlfriend. I’m friends with her on Facebook, I bet she doesn’t even remember I said that to her.

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Also I decided to train myself to be a stunt woman. I rode with some friends out on the dual lanes one night. @KNOWITALL might be familiar, the piece of highway south of Kirksville. There was a pickup and an old car. They synchronized their speed at 60 mph, and I jumped from the car to the pickup bed and back.
The and back part was tricky, because I had to streamline like I was going into a dive to make it through the back window. One knee was slightly bent, so I didn’t make it all the way in. I got pulled in safely, but the pull of the wind toward the pickup made it tricky.

I jumped a train once too. A train went through town late most every night. It was a shortcut home, and it slowed way down in town, so me and a friend grabbed ladders and hung on. I hadn’t expected the small increase in speed when it got to the edge of town to make much difference. Where we jumped off was a gravel downhill slope. Even so, the wind started to pull me in towards the tracks momentarily before gravity took me on down the slope. I got skinned up, but it was fun.
Good times.

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