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Is "Medicare for All" and "Free Health Care" the same promise?

Asked by josie (30653points) April 23rd, 2019

I hear both slogans on the emerging campaign for 2020.

The payroll tax deduction for Medicare is currently 2.9%

My uncle (my late Dad’s brother) just went on Medicare. He still works and does well. He told me his Medicare premium plus drug package is over $400 per month. He buys a supplemental policy to cover what Medicare does not. He pays close to $200 for that. Thats just over $600 per month, on top of the payroll tax he has paid.

Not that it is as much as non Medicare recipients pay.

But it isn’t FREE either.

So I am curious if the people promising Free Health Care are offering a better deal than people promising Medicare for All.

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Not at all. In fact anyone receiving Medicare is painfully aware of just how “free” it is not.

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I haven’t seen anyone promising Free Health Care. Citations?

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I think you’re confusing the existing Medicare system with Medicare For All (M4A). M4A will eliminate all payments at the point of service (no premiums, no deductibles, no copays, etc). There will be costs in terms of progressive taxation, but most people would pay significantly less than they currently pay.

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I think he’s using “Free Health Care” to mean universal health care.

I had medicaid for a while in the 90s. It was the best insurance I ever had. It paid 100% on everything, no deductibles, ,no premiums. I realize the tax payers (including myself) were paying in to it, but from my stand point it was “free.”

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Universal health care ,is not FREE ,but what it is ,is affordable to EVERYONE regardless of wealth status, age,or sex.
Should poor people just go die??
should a family be totally wiped out financially because a family member got sick or injured?
This FREE shit is a scare tactic by the conservatives and insurance companies trying to make people believe the working slob is going to be taxed to death, with FREE MEDICARE for the poor.
It will be based on your income,the more you make the more you will have to pay into it, and that goes for lower income as well,but it is fair and everyone has access to medicare.

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It’s “free” like the library or the fire department. Librarians and firemen get a paycheck that comes from all of our tax dollars, so it’s not free, but if your house is burning down, you don’t have to negotiate a fee while watching your trapped kids scream out the window. We used to have private fire departments until everyone realized it was a fucking crazy way to run things. People will eventually feel the same way about healthcare in the US.

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We already do feel that way @gorillapaws. It’s ac question of getting politicians in office.who give a shit how we feel.

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