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What kinds of questions, in your opinion, generate the most interest on Fluther?

Asked by wundayatta (58617points) August 25th, 2008

Political questions? Controversial questions? (if so, what kinds of controversies?) Conversation-starting questions? Jokes? Games? Issues of interest? Whacky issues? Personal questions? Ethical or moral questions?

I’m curious as to what your perception is, and what you’ve noticed about traffic-generating questions.

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There are a few things that do not speak well for the best of human beings.

One type of question that regularly draws many responses are poll-type questions in which the user speaks about themselves (best or worst of your job, favorite breakfast, etc.). We are all endlessly fascinated with ourselves, apparently.

Another type that routinely draws many answers are controversial questions that push people’s buttons. These include hot topic issues such as pornography, religion, race relations, politics, as well as provocatively phrased questions with a clear POV.

A third type of question that regularly draws big are questions about Fluther itself.

On the redeeming end of the spectrum, questions in which a Fluther user is clearly in need of help or advice for personal or social issues usually draw well and the bulk of the responses are compassionate.

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While it may not be the point of Fluther, I personally love questions about the “big” things, like philosophy and politics, in which the focus is more on discussion than concrete answers. These questions do draw a lot of responses, mostly intelligent and well written. Many worthwhile questions that don’t draw a lot of responses are the ones for which an answer is needed. Probably because once the answer is given, there is nothing more to add. I guess I see Fluther as multi-dimensional…a great Q & A site for any topic you can think of, as well as a great discussion site for intelligent people.

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I agree with Marina about the types of questions that get the most responses, but, I think that’s a result of the collective as it is: A lot of people with a very wide range of knowledge, expertise, etc. between them….....and all more than happy to give their 2cents (I know I am!!)

If you ask a specific question, requiring specialized knowledge (medicine, design, programming, law, tax, finances, art, etc.) you will get fewer responses, because there’s a a qualifier to answering. If on the other hand you ask a question that requires a broader knowledge (relationships, personal finances, job applications) – or just an opinion…....then all flutherites can answer, and many will!

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Sex/Relationship questions


“Like, what kind of, like, food do you guys love” type questions

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I agree with all of the above. I might just add that general questions yield more answers/interest, as compared to very specific questions.
Oh, and questions that have a catchy title and well thought-out and appropriate tags.

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Here is a perfect question and 87 perfect responses; interesting, informative, beautiful (and no stupid twits involved).

Trees and art

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And the converse, including tags.

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Any question I can answer with a reference to my aspiration to study nuclear engineering and to work in the nuclear industry. Like this question for example.

Once again I have little useful input, mainly because the others have summed it up so nicely

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@gail: Actually, on the trees and art example you gave, there was one twit!

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@Aug: Remind me. I guess it is too much to hope that twits think they are funny.

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@Gail: The usual twit we’ve had trouble with lately. He was asked to stop responding to the question, and refused.

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@Aug: I have been waiting to be able to also use gormless git. Thanks for the opportunity.

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@gail: You forced me to drag out the dictionary again! Not that I mind…

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@Augustlan; aren’t they marvelous words to have on hand?

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The gormless git and the pollywog were sitting by the sea.
Without a drink and nary a drop: they were dry as dry can be.

“So imagine this, you round-faced twit,” the git did chance to say,
“If ever a frog had boundless wit, then surely you’re not he!”

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Usually the questions I don’t find too interesting – that’s just me. But there are plenty of questions that don’t draw an audience that are fun and informative.

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