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Do you feel most people in fluther won't notice/care about the 'detail' part anymore?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) March 6th, 2010

I’m not judging people’s right to answer,but from what I saw most people in fluther tend to answer question based on its title only. Somehow I feel there’s no point to write the detail part when I make my question since no one/most people won’t care about it. Do you feel most people in fluther tend to ignore your detail part?. Do you always answer question according to its detail?. Do you think the ‘detail part’ deserves more attention?.

(Please be honest. You don’t have to answer this question according to its detail if you don’t want to).

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Well, I just read all the details of yours, so I guess I usually do! Most of the time, I do read the details; occasionally if a question strikes my funny bone, I will just give an off-the-cuff one-liner without reading all. Also, if the details are really longwinded, such as the whole story of a break-up with every he said/she said included, I will skim or pass over them. I try not to answer a serious question without at least skimming the details so I don’t look foolish. (”The babby was where?”)

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It depends.I like the KISS method for most things:)))

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I think the Details section is vital to the context of the question. I always read it, and my understanding from people’s answers is that they usually read it before responding too.

Sometimes, people ask a bunch of ancillary questions in the details section. In that case, I may elect to answer only the main question.

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I always read the details and at least try to answer according to them, but as @marinelife points out, sometimes people will ask several vague questions within one, which makes it difficult.

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Details, it’s all in the details.

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I do try to read the details, because they usually help me to give a better answer. There have been questions, however, where paragraphs upon paragraphs (half a page or more) are provided in the details section, and then I decide whether to skim them, or to just press the back button.

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I always read the details, since they often pose questions very different from the title. Sometimes several and unrelated questions. I may not attempt to answer everything posed in the details; I may only have something constructive to offer with part of them.

On several occaissions, I nearly passed over a question based on its title and then found in the deatails that I had something to offer. In some cases, the details split off into so many areas that they really should be separate questions.

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I think the detail is as important, if not more important, than the title.
The title gains my attention, but the detail describes the real question.

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I spend so much time on my details that I am thinking of publishing them. Ditto with queries. Ditto with tags.

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Details Shetails…just write it all in the question part…problem solved

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@Cruiser: But maybe not the answer?

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“Do you feel most people in fluther tend to ignore your detail part?”

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I do not.

If your question is, “what type cake to bake. But your details go into why you are in a bad relationship. Because, you both could not decide on what cake to make.
You are going to get a recipe out of me.


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@lucillelucillelucille That’s a wonderful way of putting it! Muahhhh!

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The details can make a lot of difference. I think Fluther would suffer if there was no details.

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I would say it deserves more attention, but I doubt the process will be reversed. My only suggestion would be to state the question as best as possible in the title.

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I get the feeling that only sometimes do people not read my details, which, as anyone who has ever read them knows, tend to be long. I do that people I find that people may not answer the question I am asking—well—often do not answer the question I am asking if they just read the question itself. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone didn’t read the details.

But you pays yo’ money and takes yo’ chances. I can’t complain. At least some people answer the questions. There are even a few people who think I write good questions. I write my questions for those people. Anyone else can do as they wish. No one forces you to answer a question. And no one forces you to read details.

I’m sure 95% of jellies skip right on by me, and I will admit that I do feel pride when a question of mine results in a long and interesting discussion, but I’ll take the short discussions, too. It’s not something to complain about. I’m just grateful that anyone pays them any attention at all.

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If the main question is something that I feel interested in, then I will read the details. If the main question is something that I can’t help with than I usually don’t read the details. I think that if someone is going to answer a question, they should read the details to get the full point of the question.

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This has been a longstanding issue – some of the people who answered in this thread were more forthcoming.

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I do try and read the details. I find that when I am writing a question, it is often more complex than can be fit in a single question, thus, the details. Personally, it drives me crazy if the main question takes up five lines of text on the front page because someone didn’t get the hang of the details part. Also, I often find that if someone skimps on the details, many people come on and ask for more information. In @ChazMaz‘s cake baking example, if no details are included, people might come on and ask why the cake is being baked, what ingredients are available, who the cake is for, etc.

You don’t have to write a novel in the details, but filling out the details section helps you to get more and better answers.

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@gailcalled Dr D already provided the answer to the question in the question description. It is quite obvious after being a member here for even just a day that Fluthers give answers based on what is in main question area irregardless of what is in the description. Nuttin you can do about it.

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Details are essential to most of the questions here on Fluther. I almost always read them.

If I don’t, it may be for a couple reasons. If the question seems straight forward enough by the title, such as “How do I say such-and-such in Spanish?” I don’t feel I need to read the details. Actually, often those questions don’t have much as far as details in the first place.

When questions are of a more detailed or personal matter, such as someone asking for relationship advice, I always read the details. It’s quite annoying when someone asks a question about your topic that you already answered in the description.

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I usually do not read the detail. I answer the question. Of course, I’m here for fun. On questions where I can provide professional insight I am more attentive.

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I always read the details. It is the courteous thing to do, especially if someone is asking for help.

Several people have asked this question before, and in the details they ask the collective another question to see who is paying attention. Such as “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” or “What is your favorite beverage?”. It is interesting to see how many people don’t notice the hidden question in the details.

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I admit I have done this. Sometimes, I still feel as though some questions don’t need details (for example, How long to Alpacas live), but there are other where details are needed (Should I stay with my husband?).

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oops, I meant ‘there are others, not other

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I really, really like the detail option. Most social forums I’ve seen do not offer the chance for specifics, which means people end up spending energy in all directions until comment threads can clarify things. I don’t always want to read mile long comment threads. Sometimes I want to cut to the chase. Whether people feel the same way I do or not, most people still find the details section helpful, more often than not, so I have noticed.

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I have never noticed this, or thought of this. But in retrospect, maybe you’re right because everytime I ask a question, there’s always one or two dummies that say something I addressed in the details already.

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Absolutely. I probably have done it a few times myself. So cannot point fingers as such. But a lot of my questions are either not understood, misinterpreted or just not read through. On top of it all I get bitchy remarks to some questions that have not been read. I stick around because there are people who read questions and really give the question their best shot. Yes this turned into a rant! but half the people here should rather go play with their thumbs as much use their answers are. There I feel better now!

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I usually ignore the detail.

I think a good question should succinctly state whatever the query is. “Detail” should clarify what couldn’t be succintly stated in the question.

More often than not, though, a question is posed but the “detail” goes off into an extraneous tangent that may or may not have anything to do with the question. Or the “detail” is used as a platform to express the questioners own perspective.

It’s like, if you’ve already formed a detailed analysis of the question being asked…
...what the hell are you asking me for?!

Besides..I don’t want to read a friggin’ book.

Just ask the question and be done with it.

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