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Is siderite a gemstone, mineral, meteorite, or all of the above?

Asked by dragonrider123123 (8points) May 9th, 2019

In every place I’ve looked, siderite has been shown as something different. An ore, a sort of iron oxide, something found in meteors, a jewel. I’m not very experienced in the way rocks and minerals work. What is siderite? If it’s multiple things, how does it transform from one to another?

I apologize if this is a stupid question.

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I’m going to go with mineral, but minerals can look different depending on how they crystalize, so sometimes they can be shiny making them look like gems.

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GA @Caravanfan

The mineral is a chemical description and how it forms can make it a gem. Like carbon can be graphite for pencils or with a different crystal form it is diamond.

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Thanks to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed., for this one.

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