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Beginner Electric Guitar?

Asked by argaudette (149points) August 25th, 2008

Can anyone recommend some online free lessons for beginners? Anything including tips are welcome.

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I would check out for tabs. Look up stuff like AC/DC or Greenday for some easy songs at first. Nothing replaces real lessons though. I got a great instructor and my skills really picked up. Until then, look up tabs for easy songs.

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Just a note, if you’ve never played guitar before, play ACOUSTIC first. Strengthens your fingers and helps you develop your skill much better then starting on an electric first.

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I don’t have an acoustic. Out of the question.

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I started with electric first and I know people who started with acoustic. There really wasn’t any difference in our skills outside of time practicing.

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exactly, the whole start with acoustic is just a myth in my opinion, as for the online lessons, just start with some tabs

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I started with a Mel Bay begining guitar book. I had an electric too. Books are cool because you can carry them around with you anywhere.

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Tabs suck. Actually, on-line tabs suck. They pretty much universally lack any indication of rhythm and timing, so unless you’re completely familiar with the song you’re trying to learn, and have a pretty good ear, you’ll just be lost. Kind of like learning how to swim by diving into the deep end of the pool. Might work, more likely, drown. YouTube is a waayy better place to get started. Search for “beginning guitar” follow links. Can’t beat it. Good luck. And practice.

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learn the basics which are chords and finger picking and hand position, tuning,

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Do-Re-Me-Fa-So- La-Ti-(Do)
Now you know what all western music is based off of. Thank you Bach!

12 notes in the Western style of music. A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#
On guitar, large string on the top, Standard tuning, Open E. Therefore, the top string looks like this as you go “up” the fret board: E(open) – F(first fret) – F#(second fret) – G(third fret) – G#( fourth fret) – A(fifth fret) – A# – B – C – D – E (the twelth fret)

Next string down Open is an “A”
Next one “D”
next one “G”
Next one “B”
Next one “E”

There is your lesson for the day.

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Take up bass as well. Bassists are in far more demand. Just be careful, some bands consider mini fridges more important than bassists.

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Bass is a great instrument. It is more versitile than Guitar. I began on Guitar 13 years ago and after playing bass one night about 10 years ago I traded all my guitar gear for Bass gear and have never looked back.
Guitar does have it’s advantages though. Girls do like a guitar player a lot more than a bass player.

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I’ve already got a girl so I’m fine. But she keeps telling me to try singing, which she claims I can do. I don’t think she knows that singing is a bigger chick magnate than guitar.

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@ Vectorul – More versatile than a guitar?! It’s a guitar with two strings less… go figure…

This being said having played both bass and guitar for a number of years, so fairly unbiasedly.

I love ‘em both, but your statement doesn’t add up.

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Try a six string bass with piccalo high end and a baritone bottom end then you will realize the versitility of a Bass guitar.

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So firstly, that’s not a regular bass guitar. That’s a rarity. 5 String bass, slightly more common, still not incredibly popular.

Secondly, there’s no way that chord patterns played strummed on a guitar sound as good on a bass guitar. However, patch a regular guitar through an effects unit to boost the bass and it can sound exactly like a bass does. So which is more versatile?

Since when was ‘take up the bass’ the answer to guitar tips for beginners anyhow?!

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exactly ben, sometimes i play my 7 string through a pitch shifter and other effects, works pretty solid for bass emulation

my tip: pick up a trumpet, i mean..why not ?

stratman37's avatar is also rife with lessons, articles, and tab.

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@glitterrrfish- DADGAD. Hoo-rah.

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Why shouldn’t a girl be more attracted to a bass player? They have a better sense of rhythm :P

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