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What would be the best first guitar for me?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) September 2nd, 2010

I’m considering learning how to play the guitar.I’ve listened to a lot of guitar songs and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want either an acoustic guitar or a classical one.Also I don’t want it to be to pricey.
Something under 300$ would be ideal.
I’ve tried to look through some models but there are so many of them and I have no knowledge about what’s good or not so can you give me some directions?

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go to a pawn shop and find a good one that sounds nice…...sound and playability is everything. not brand.

it’s the soul.

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Electric is easier to learn, acoustic is harder but you’ll be better in the long run. Get a name brand (not something no ones ever heard of). If you go acoustic you want to find something with ONE piece (research it and you’ll find out what i’m talking about). Spruce or other softer woods would be my suggestion.

For electric you want double humbucker pick ups (again research) if you are going for more of a new hard rock/rock sound, and single in line ones if you’re going for more of a classic rock or jazzy sound.

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Pawn shops are the best location for you. find a used guitar thats hopefully a brand name, like Gibson or Fender. if they are unavailable, then look for one that has a small neck on it. large neck guitars are hard to play. i would avoid any guitar made in China. look inside the guitar for the locaton of origin.

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Go to a Guitar Center and just pull them off the peg and play. Ask the sales guys there that is what they get paid to do. Then when you find a model or two you like, I might look at other guitar shops or pawn shops for a used model as they often will come with a case…New ones may come with a gig bag if you are lucky. I would not buy a first guitar over the internet as you want one that is playable. Necks do warp and only a trained guitar tech can readjust them or after some time you can eventually do that yourself. Get good strings though!

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I really would suggest getting a steel string and then working your way to a nylon if you so choose after you get the guitar basics down first. Either that or learning banjo then moving on to classical guitar. With classical guitar, both your hands are much more active and in the beginning, it will be very overwhelming for a new guitarist. It’s something to think about.

Now, when I get asked what guitar a beginner to check out, I always ask what kind of music the person is into. I’m guessing that if you’re looking at an acoustic or classical guitar, that you won’t be playing much speed metal. Therefore, I really recommend that you check out Squire’s SA100 model. Squire is a small (cheaper) sister company to Fender. They model their guitars off Fender’s models but they make them at a more affordable price. You can pick up a SA100 for about $100 and although the action is a little high (in my opinion), it has a great sound and makes for a great beginner guitar.

I was in a small local music shop back about 7 months ago and came across an acoustic that I had to buy after playing it. It’s an Oscar Schmidt OG2CE. I went in to buy some parts for my Les Paul and while I was waiting, I picked it up and started playing around on it. I’m assuming that nothing had been altered on it and if not, in my opinion, it’s one of the best “straight out of the box” guitars I’ve ever played. I own an Oscar Schmidt semi-hollow electric and it’s just mediocre but this model acoustic rivals some of the big name, high dollar acoustics I’ve played in my day. I think I gave $250 for it. It’s an acoustic/electric, it has a built in tuner but I never use it and it has a mahogany neck and spruce top. I’ve never owned a high dollar acoustic but I’ve played several and in my opinion, the OG2CE rivals names like Taylor, Takamine and Ovation.

Pawn shops are a great place to check out also. If you go looking at pawn shops, play every guitar they have and remember the ones that feel and sound well to you. Then do your homework on them and if the price is fair or better, than get it. Pretty simple.

Hope any of this help you find a guitar that’s right for you. Good luck in the hunt for your instrument as well as your learning!

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@Randy I have the same O/S guitar at home and it is a great sounding acoustic and even decent when plugged in. I like the sound more than my dreadnought acoustic.

I also have a 1985 Squire Strat with EMG’s that screams! I love that guitar

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@Cruiser I’m so glad you can also vouch for that guitar. It’s such an awesome instrument at a sweet price.

Older Strats are hard to beat and EMG’s all the way, my friend!

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Seagull S6. Surprisingly good quality for a “first guitar”, maybe just a touch over your price but not that much. Look into it.

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My first guitar was a firstact, they are cheap and on the bottom of the guitar chain but it works, and it is tunable. I like it and still pick it up every now and then. Its a good guitar to have especially if you do not know if you are going to stick with it.

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