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Do you have to have a dish on the top of your house for internet?

Asked by Nevada83 (747points) May 12th, 2019

I’m asking this because I’m getting internet on Tuesday and I forgot to ask.

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Internet where I live coming in by wire / fiber optics. Who is doing the install ?

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Here it runs over the phone lines.

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Your telephone provider should be able to give you high speed, but rural areas don’t have it through the phone lines so,you need a dish and it is satellite internet and you will need a dish.

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Fidelity’ website says cable, DSL or Fiber; I didn’t see any dishes mentioned.

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My service is via coaxial cable.

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Some ISPs provide internet service via satellite dishes, but that’s mainly in rural areas where broadband cabling doesn’t run.

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No, I’m in the boonies of Missouri and no dish on my home, those things are ugly. Wifi gateway I believe.

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Depends where you are. Some places can only get satellite broadband but it’s expensive and a bit crap (as satellite only provides the downlink and the uplink goes via your normal telephone line).

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@Nevada83 hasn’t been on since Tuesday, when the install was to take place.

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Guys, not to worry. It took place and all he had to do is drill a hole in my wall and install some stuff

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Thanx for update @Nevada83 !

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